"She Prefers Beautiful Over Hot": Women Got Really Honest About 16 Specific Things That Will Help Men Understand Us Better

There are specific things about women that we all want men to know, but they can sometimes be tricky to communicate. So, I loved this Reddit thread asking, "What are the key things men should know about women?" because the answers were so accurate! Here is what some women said:

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

1."More often than not, we like to have a little rant. We're not looking for solutions."

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2."You should ask them what they like sexually before trying things willy-nilly. Women are very different in what kind of touch they like."


"This. It baffles me when guys say they can never get a girl to finish. Literally, ask and do as you’re told."


3."If she only seems interested sometimes and often cancels dates at the last minute, her intentions might not be pure. It doesn't matter her excuses or how good she treats you when she is with you."

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4."Women are all different people, so if you know something about one woman, that won't automatically be true for all other women."


5."This might not be all women, but treat us like wild birds. It's not that we've decided we don't like you, but we're cautious, so be calm and kind and keep showing up (but don't be a stalker). Talk to us normally and with respect. Snacks are good, too."

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6."She prefers beautiful over hot. Call her beautiful or elegant rather than calling her hot or sexy."


7."The most underrated thing a man can do is make me feel safe. Ask for consent, even if it is VERY implied. My ex did this initially, and it built a level of trust between us that I haven't been able to achieve with other partners. This is so beyond calling me beautiful instead of hot. I knew he respected me initially, and I always felt safe around him. He didn't have to alter his language in a manipulative way to achieve this."


8."How important our menstrual cycles are, and how they affect us. For example, we can be very different physically and mentally during the ovulation period and in the premenstrual period. I educated my boyfriend on it, and since then, he has helped me to cope with these fluctuations."

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9."Something I've learned from my wife of 19 years — be an active listener. We guys can sum up our day in two sentences or less. Give her 90 minutes, lol."


10."Don’t get too overtly sexual too early. It puts most women off."


11."Men don’t get a free pass to just 'shoot their shot' and hit on us whenever it suits them. It’s often just our job to be friendly and or flirt. Some of us are just naturally outgoing and friendly and no means no."

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12."Women don't want to be your mummy or your maid."


13."We are beyond annoyed when men yell at traffic or go on and on yelling at the television during sports. The only person who can hear you yelling is us and we hate it. Keep that shit to a minimum, and then, if you must, continue your pointless rant in your head."


14."We don’t have a problem picking where we want to eat. The problem is we want a little bit of everything."

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15."We just want to feel pretty for our partners. If you make me feel like I'm the prettiest woman on earth (in your eyes), I would do absolutely anything for you. The second we don't feel sexy for our partners, welcome to a dead bedroom."


16."Demonstrate curiosity about how we’re doing, how we are feeling, what our personal and career goals are, how we feel about our progress against those goals if those goals have changed at all. If we are stressed, ask questions and strive to understand why. Demonstrate active empathy for us."


Women, is there anything else you could add to this list? If so, share it with me in the comments below!