Women Who Love Their Jobs Are Revealing What They Do, And I Didn't Know Some Of These Even Existed

Recently, redditor u/starcatcher995 asked, "Women who like/love their job, what do you do for a living?" Several women revealed their jobs — that they actually love — and it's fascinating. Here are the surprising results:

1."I use satellites to monitor deforestation in order to target critical areas for habitat conservation — and sometimes I get to go to those areas, too, and get out into the field! So far, I’ve traveled to work on all continents but Antarctica. I love my job and feel like I’m making the world a better place."


A woman wearing a hard hat and working in a forest
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2."I'm a business analyst. I have a great team, great manager, I work from home, my job is relatively easy, and we have good pay and great benefits."


A woman standing at a desk with large computer screens on it
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3."I’m a physician assistant, and I love it. Been in orthopedics for 10 years. Emergency medicine before that. I get to see patients and care for them, but at the end of the day, the buck stops with a physician, as does all the weight and stress that goes along with that. I don’t work weekends or holidays. I take no calls. My student loans are paid off. I have seven weeks of vacation, sick time I use when my kids or I am sick — without guilt — and good benefits."

"I have worked with the same attending for 10 years, and we’re like siblings at this point. He respects my medical opinions and knows I know what I don’t know and when to defer to him. He knows I won’t endanger patients. I am paid well. I spend my free time with my family not thinking about work. I take every single minute of my vacation. My family travels frequently. I have zero regrets."


A physician assistant talking to anther woman
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4."I'm an elementary school teacher, and I really love my job."


A smiling teacher holding a picture book in front of a class of young students
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5."I'm a social worker for adults with developmental disabilities. I love my clients!!!"


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6."I'm in aviation. I get to work as much or little as I want, the days I want, the starting time I want, and where I want. I also get free airplane tickets all over the world. This year I've been to Tahiti and Moorea in French Polynesia, Hawaii, California, the Houston Rodeo in Texas, New York, Lisbon and Porto in Portugal, Paris, and Frankfurt and Munich in Germany."


A woman sitting on a rock and looking at the scraggly coastline
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7."I'm a pilot, and I love it. I'm currently working on my hours for the airlines."


Two pilots in the cockpit
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8."I'm a public health nurse practitioner with a focus on HIV prevention. I truly love serving the public."


A nurse practitioner talking to a patient in her office
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9."I'm a housewife now (for the past 11 years), and I love it. But the actual W-2 job I enjoyed the most was working in a garden center. I've done it twice so far, and it's just so cathartic to be able to be among pretty plants and whatnot."


A woman working in a garden center
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10."I model. It’s like playing adult dress-up."


A model sitting on a stool and posing for the camera
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11."I'm a game developer. I work from home, pay and benefits are great, and people in the industry are generally chill nerds who want to make fun things. It's low stress with a good work-life balance (at least the studios I've worked at), and kids get excited when they hear about it!"


"I work in game development. It's a love-hate relationship. I love making new media, but it's a male-dominated field, and sometimes I struggle. My entire staff is young dudes eager to be the top dog. They are a lovely bunch and are fantastic talents, but I often find myself having to justify directions in situations that my male counterparts will never face. I work through it but often feel exhausted at the end of the week. Thankfully, my HR team is super supportive and has helped me navigate it. They are mostly experienced women who have been through it and know how to deal with it."


A woman at a computer
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12."I'm a dog groomer! I love it so much and make really good money."


A woman grooming a dog on a table
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13."I'm a doctor of linguistics. I work in higher education management, developing strategies to improve the quality of adult education."


A woman teaching a class
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14."I’m an author. I love it. it’s hard, it’s magical, and it's exhausting."


A woman reading a book
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15."I had a flamenco dance school for over 20 years. I recently moved again, though, and I teach privately. I loved to dance, so I made it my job."


A flamenco dancer
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16."I’m a forensic accountant working in financial investigations. It’s interesting, and I’ve definitely found my niche, but I specifically love this particular job because I’m in a team with a great culture and the loveliest colleagues. Makes all the difference!!!"


A smiling woman at a laptop talks to another person
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17."I’m a freelance journalist and podcaster specializing in sex and sexuality. Mainly, I write about sex toys for a living, although there’s a bunch of other related stuff I do as well."


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18."I'm a barn animal caretaker, and I love my job. I dislike the low pay and the lack of benefits for the physical labor involved, though."


A woman in overhauls sitting by cows in a barn with hay
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19."I’m a nail technician, and I love it."


A woman wearing gloves and working on someone's nails
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20."I assist people with obtaining medical licensing. I work specifically with those who have criminal backgrounds: help them obtain documentation, listen to them when they're in tears and terrified they'll be denied, help them locate their documents when a court is closed down and absorbed by a different court, help correct errors on their backgrounds, review the info provided, and prepare their files to be reviewed by our higher-ups so we can get a decision whether to issue the license."

"I love my job and the team I work on."


A woman looking at papers
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21."I’m a writer-actor. I always wanted to do this but grew up believing I needed to have a 'real job.' Five years ago, I quit my stable office job to finally pursue it full time, and all my hard work is slowly starting to pay off. But even if I struggle for the rest of my life, I would take this over a 'regular' job every single day."


A woman performing onstage
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22."I like being a software engineer. Never liked computer science in school, but computers are a great tool for solving problems. I have a healthy work-life balance and great pay, too."

"Also, we’ve got indoor plumbing, which hasn’t been the case for all of my jobs."


A smiling woman at a laptop
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23."I am a chef and run a small catering business."


A smiling chef in a kitchen
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24."Marketing copywriter for a real estate brokerage. I mostly love that my team is all women who are in their 20s to 60s. Real estate as a subject matter is pretty great too. I love architecture and interior design, so I get to look at a lot of pretty homes. I just worked up some copy for a $3.7 million house that's just stunning."

"I've also learned the industry language, so I can walk into any open house as a lookie-loo and know how to blend in with actual buyers."


Smiling women at a table with laptops, papers, and phones
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25."I am a crime victim advocate for juvenile courts. It's hard work but rewarding."

"I also do part-time work with the courts' family mediation because I am a certified mediator, and we are understaffed there, LOL."


A woman standing before a jury in a courtroom
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26."Lawyer. It was a long road getting here, and sometimes the job gets wildly stressful, but I absolutely love it."


A lawyer holding a brief
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27."I’m a travel agent, and I love my job. I have a great team, and I learn something new almost every day. It makes me happy to make my clients' dreams come true ✈️💙."


Two women looking at a calendar at a table
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28."I'm a part-time, second-shift custodian at an elementary school. By the time I get there later in the evening, most, if not all, teachers and other staff have gone home. There are only three or four of us in a building, so I get to put in my headphones and get to it — barely seeing or talking to anyone."

"I’m a stay-at-home mom during the day, so I consider it ‘me’ time."


A woman cleaning a classroom desk
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29."I'm a city planner and historic preservation specialist. Just got back from a conference with a renewed appreciation for what I do. It’s so unique, and I get to do so many different things, I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning or get bored!"


A woman inspecting an architectural model
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30."I'm an urgent care/primary care physician. I get paid to talk with people!!! And bonus, I get to nerd out with science! If insurance companies didn’t exist, it would be perfect."


A smiling physician smiling at a child being held by their parent
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And finally...

31."I work in ecological restoration — I work at the beach, removing invasive plants so native plants can return. I blast music in my headphones all day, I'm at the beach getting sun and exercise, plus I'm helping the environment. I guess I found my 'ikigai' (reason to live)."


A woman crouched over plants in the sand on the beach and another carrying a plant
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Fellow women, if you have a job you love, tell us about it in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.