Woman's ‘Bold’ Text to Grubhub Driver Really Delivered — They're Getting Married Next Year!

"The right one will come when you’re least expecting it," Hannah Bullerman tells PEOPLE

<p>Kjerstin Thea Photography </p> (L to R) Alec Hoffman and Hannah Bullerman.

Kjerstin Thea Photography

(L to R) Alec Hoffman and Hannah Bullerman.

Fried pickles with a side of love? That's what ended up being on the menu for Hannah Bullerman, who decided to take a chance and ask her Grubhub driver out on a date.

Well, let's just say she lucked out! Her brave act resulted in an engagement, with a wedding set for May 17, 2025.

“It was so unlike me. I still can't believe I did it,” Bullerman, 25, tells PEOPLE. “But it was just a visceral feeling in my stomach. He just had very kind eyes.”

“My friend told me you can’t just wait for someone to come to you," adds Alec Hoffman, the 27-year-old groom-to-be. "Well, now I’ve got a great woman."

<p>Courtesy of Hannah Bullerman</p> (L to R) Hannah Bullerman and Alec Hoffman

Courtesy of Hannah Bullerman

(L to R) Hannah Bullerman and Alec Hoffman

Two years ago, Bullerman of Blaine stayed home sick from work and decided she needed some fried pickles. She added chicken wings and applesauce to round out the order.

“I had a migraine," she tells PEOPLE. "I didn’t want to make lunch and I happened to see I had a coupon for 20% off, and I love a good coupon."

As she was waiting for her food to arrive, she says she was “kind of stalking the driver’s moves on the app” and decided to sneak down in her pajamas to the apartment building lobby so she could snatch the food as soon as he went back to the car. But instead of just dropping it off, the driver began calling her number.

“I looked kind of grubby and gross and thought, shoot, he wants to give it to me in person,” Bullerman says. “I’m walking down the stairs and I see his face and was like, 'Oh my gosh, he’s cute!' ”

She quickly thanked him for her meal and raced back up the stairs. But when Bullerman put the food down, she couldn't stop thinking about her Grubhub guy — and about how kind and sweet and, well, how handsome he was.

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“I was like, should I text him? I have his number. I didn’t want to come off creepy or really aggressive,” she says. “But I wanted it to be known that, hey, I would be interested in maybe going on a date or whatever.”

So she sent him a text, thanking him again and adding, “I hope you have a day as nice as your face.” Then she promptly threw her phone away from herself.

“I didn’t want to know," says Bullerman, seemingly still a little self-conscious about her actions that day. But ultimately she thought to herself, "It’s already happened and we’ll see where it goes.”

<p>Courtesy of Hannah Bullerman</p> (L to R) Hannah Bullerman and Alec Hoffman

Courtesy of Hannah Bullerman

(L to R) Hannah Bullerman and Alec Hoffman

For his part, Hoffman says he was caught completely off guard by her text. He was parked around the corner, checking for more pickup orders, when the message came in.

“I was like, this chick is kind of hitting on me,” says Hoffman, who wasn't immediately sure she meant to text him. “I just said, ‘Hope my service was 10 out of 10’ and throwing in cheesy jokes so she knows that’s who I am.”

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Neither was looking for a partner at the time, but both knew a good thing when they saw it.

“She took the reins and good on her for that," Hoffman says. "Nice and bold.”

<p>Courtesy of Hannah Bullerman</p> (L to R) Hannah Bullerman and Alec Hoffman

Courtesy of Hannah Bullerman

(L to R) Hannah Bullerman and Alec Hoffman

Bullerman says she had never done anything like that before, and that her mom couldn't have been more surprised when she told her. The feeling was mutual with Hoffman's family.

“My mom was like, ‘I’m just so happy for you, honey. Go have fun on your date,’“ Hoffman recalls. “The rest of my family was like, ‘Whoa! You got a date?'”

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On their first date, they went to a sports bar to eat and then went bowling. He won, which is one detail the bride-to-be won't ever forget.

“He does obnoxiously win a lot more than I do,” admits Bullerman, who admits they are "a little competitive by nature," but it's all in good fun.

While getting to know each other, they also discovered they're both health care workers. Bullerman is an X-ray tech at the local hospital, while Hoffman is a home health care aide for veterans.

<p>Kjerstin Thea Photography </p> Hannah Bullerman shows off her engagement ring

Kjerstin Thea Photography

Hannah Bullerman shows off her engagement ring

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After they were engaged, the couple caught the attention of The Drew Barrymore Show, where they told their story and scored a honeymoon in Fiji. Grubhub has even made a generous $5,000 contribution to the wedding budget.

Now, the two say they cannot imagine life without each other.

“It was love at first sight for me,” Bullerman tells PEOPLE

As for Hoffman, well, he's living proof that taking a leap of faith can work out for everyone involved.

“Send that risky text, but don’t look too hard. I think people try too hard to find the right one,” Hoffman says. “At least in my case, the right one will come when you’re least expecting it."

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