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Woman suggests you purchase these ‘first investment pieces’ to elevate your everyday look: ‘I would start with jewelry’

A longtime thrifter is sharing her tips for how best to elevate an everyday look.

On Aug. 16, a creator who goes by the name Thrift & Tell (@thriftandtell) posted a video in response to TikTok user Niki’s (@ouinicolemarie) question about “first investment pieces.”

“I would start with jewelry, and everyday jewelry more specifically,” Thrift & Tell suggests. “So things that you can wear every single day. Your cost per wear will be minimal because you’re wearing it every single day. You’ll enjoy it every single day, and, more importantly, it will elevate your look. So whether you’re wearing an outfit from Target or you’re wearing workout pants, it will just kind of make everything look better if you have a nice investment piece.”

Thrift & Tell then goes through what she believes are staple jewelry pieces to have in your collection, starting with a watch and a gold bracelet.

“The first would be a watch. It can be any brand. Just something you can wear every single day … I bought this for my 30th birthday from The Real Real, and I wear it all the time,” she says, elaborating on this further in a separate video. “Another option is a simple gold bracelet. This is something that my mom literally bought I think in the ’70s from when she was in Greece, for hardly anything.”

When hunting for a staple gold bracelet, however, Thrift & Tell cautions against anything that isn’t solid gold.

“Definitely look for solid gold,” she urges. “So not a vermeil, which is a plate, or anything that will potentially tarnish — brass, etc. You want something that you can safely (not that it’s recommended), but shower in, sleep in, sweat in.”

While more affordable alternatives to solid gold jewelry have enjoyed a growth in popularity, research conducted by the jewelry brand 7879 and obtained by Professional Jeweller reveals that “the term ‘solid gold jewellery’ has seen a 42% increase in search demand over the term ‘gold plated jewellery’ over the last year.”

In China, in particular, the “gold jewelry market” increased by 45% from 2020 to 2021, according to China Gold Association via Jing Daily. Gen Z and millennials between the ages of 25 and 35 made up 75% of these customers.

Thrift & Tell also advocates for the purchase of a simple, diamond bezel necklace and dainty diamond earrings.

“I think it’s just a classic piece that you can wear all the time. A lot of jewelers can make you something for not crazy amounts of money,” she says of the necklace. “This is a little diamond stud that I wear almost every single day. … I think a diamond earring will get you through a lot.”

‘Slowly building my collection of fine jewelry and love to be able to wear it daily’

Several TikTok users have taken to Thrift & Tell’s comments to ask additional questions about starting a solid gold jewelry collection. Others have corroborated her views about how worthwhile investment pieces are.

“I always say quality over quantity! I would much rather have great solid gold pieces that can be heirlooms to pass down to my children/grandchildren,” @ambriajustyne wrote.

“Completely agree! Slowly building my collection of fine jewelry and love to be able to wear it daily,” @carbsssqueen commented.

“This video just talked me off the gold filled ledge. So much is just plated or vermeille nowadays,” @syrahgranache wrote, to which Thrift & Tell replied, “And you can find reasonable deals on gold if you shop secondhand, estate, auction!”

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