Woman reveals how her identical twin got her into trouble at work

 (@chance_twins / TikTok)
(@chance_twins / TikTok)

A woman has revealed she got in trouble at work after she enlisted her identical twin to take her place when she went on vacation.

On their joint TikTok account, @chance_twins, Ariane and her sister Noe frequently post videos about their lives as identical twins. In one video posted earlier this month, Ariane shared the email she got from her boss, after he allegedly found out that in order to go on a trip, Noe pretended to be her at work.

“My boss saw the video my twin posted while covering for me at work,” she wrote in the text over the video. The subject of the email addressed Ariane’s “unacceptable behavior” regarding her absence from work.

The email went on to describe the TikTok video posted by Noe, claiming the clip featured what “appeared to be [Ariane’s] shameless flaunting [her] disregard for company policies and responsibilities”. Her boss went on to make claims about her “attitude towards [her] job”, due to her decision to have her sister take her place when Ariane’s initial request for leave wasn’t approved.

“I shouldn’t have to remind you of the importance of professional conduct, both within and outside the workplace,” the email reads. “Your actions not only reflect poorly on yourself but also tarnish the reputation of our company. This level of disregard for protocol and decorum is frankly shocking and will not be tolerated.”

Ariane’s boss continued by asking for “an immediate explanation” for her behavior and for her to give a “plan of action to rectify this situation”. He also asked her to give a “sincere apology for the embarrassment and disruption [she] cause”.

Her boss then referred to the email as “a final warning,” before describing how any other poor behavior could put her future at her job at risk.

“Any further instances of misconduct with results in serious consequences, including potential disciplinary action,” the email concluded. “I expect to hear from you promptly to discuss how we can address this egregious breach of trust and professionalism.”

Ariane’s supervisor then signed the email off with “disappointed regards”.

The TikToker poked fun at the situation in the caption, writing: “WE MESSED UP.”

The video has quickly gone viral on TikTok, with more than 87,000 views. In the comments, many people reacted to the email from Ariane’s boss, while criticizing him for denying her vacation time in the first place.

 (@chance_twins  / TikTok)
(@chance_twins / TikTok)

“Oh John, she quit the moment you denied her vacation. You were lucky she cared enough to place a warm body in her absence,” one wrote.

“Advice to the sh***y company; don’t deny people’s time off requests,” another added.

“Disappointed regards is my new favorite signature,” a third quipped.

However, other people claimed that the email didn’t seem real, while others gave Ariane advice on how to handle the situation with her boss.

“Lmao that clearly isn’t a real email,” one claimed.

“Just say the video was a joke, you didn’t actually do that. It’s your personal comedy page. Nothing to see here,” another wrote, while a third added: “I’d just quit. Not a chance for a job worth dealing with that.”

The Independent has contacted Ariane and Noe for comment.