Woman reveals how to prepare for a job interview using AI

A woman has revealed the “easiest way” to prepare for job interviews using artificial intelligence (AI).

Hanna Goefft (@hannagetshired) is a 28-year-old marketing manager who shares career advice to her 142,000 followers on TikTok. In one video that’s gained more than two million views, Goefft revealed how she uses ChatGPT, an AI-engineered chatbot from OpenAI, to generate sample questions specific to the job description.

“This is the easiest way to prepare for interviews and it will work for every single job,” she began the viral TikTok. “Start with your job description,” Goefft said, as she highlighted a product marketing manager job listing on LinkedIn with her computer mouse.

Then, she told her followers to copy and paste the online job description into ChatGPT, which they can access for free on the OpenAI website. After pasting it into the chatbot, Goefft instructed ChatGPT to create interview questions based on the job description.

“We’re gonna tell it to generate interview questions for each bullet point in the job description and analyse the job description for the top 10 keywords,” she suggested.

As a result, the AI chatbot came back with an extensive list of interview questions for a product marketing manager position, such as, “Can you tell us about your experience in driving business growth through targeted offers for different customer segments?” and “How do you determine when and what products to package and promote at each stage of the customer journey?”

Some of the top 10 keywords that ChatGPT generated from the job description also included “product marketing”, “growth strategy”, and “customer segments”.

Using the results from ChatGPT, Goefft told her followers to “brainstorm responses to each question and make sure that the examples you’re giving in your responses are corresponding to these 10 keywords.”

While Goefft explained that candidates don’t need to “explicitly” use the top 10 keywords in their responses, she maintained that their responses should “demonstrate that you have these skills” listed in the keywords. “This way, you’ll know that you’re highlighting the most relevant pieces of your experience rather than just projects that you may be proud of, which might not always be the same thing,” she added.

As artificial intelligence increases in popularity, Goefft’s viral video was a helpful demonstration on how AI systems like ChatGPT can be used to her followers’ advantage. “I dont think I’ll ever get over hacking life with AI,” she captioned the TikTok.

Meanwhile, hundreds of TikTokers in the comments section praised Goefft for making their job search just a little bit easier.

“This is the most helpful video I have seen on TikTok,” commented one viewer.

“I have an interview tomorrow and will be doing this. Great video!” another said.

Others shared their own success stories in using AI to land their dream role, like one person who wrote: “I’ve been doing this for a few weeks and now I’m being flown to another state for a second interview at my dream job NO JOKE.”

“I did this two weeks ago and got the job,” said someone else, while another user commented: “I’ve been using ChatGPT to write my cover letters and then I just tweak it to personalise – saving me so much time!!”

Many people have also shared how they use artificial intelligence not just to get hired, but to tell their boss that they’re quitting. In April, a woman shared the amusing email that ChatGPT created for her after she asked for help crafting a “professional” letter to her boss about quitting her job.

The woman, named Mari, went viral on TikTok when she posted a video of the AI-generated letter that read: “I cannot be sad and poor for another month.”

“So I’m gonna have ChatGPT write an email response of me pretty much saying I can’t be sad and poor for another month in a professional way,” she said in the video. “So I put in the prompt: ‘Write a professional email saying I can’t be sad and poor for another month replying to this email’ and then in quotes I put in my manager’s email and this is what it gave me.”

However, the ChatGPT letter also had a professional tone, with the AI expressing Mari’s hope that “this does not cause any inconvenience to the team and that we can end things on a positive note”.

“Thank you again for your understanding and support during my time here,” the message concluded. “Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to ensure a smooth transition.”

After reading out ChatGPT’s email suggestion, Mari jokingly asked: “Should I send that as is?”

The Independent has contacted Goefft for comment.