Woman Refuses to Go on Girls' Trip, Says She Doesn't 'Want to Talk About Marriage / Babies for 3 Days'

"I have a lot going on, but I feel a lot of my friends do not show an interest unless I talk about someone I’m dating," the woman writes on Reddit

<p>Getty</p> Three women chatting while having a drink


Three women chatting while having a drink

A single woman is igniting viral conversation on Reddit after sharing that she turned down a girls' trip because she knew her friends only wanted to spend three days "talking about marriage and babies."

The woman — who posted anonymously, but identified herself as a 27-year-old — says that she and her close group of seven friends have known one another for over a decade, and try to meet up a couple of times a year for a trip.

"I am content with my life at the moment, I am single, dating and I don’t know if I would like children - but in the event I did, I know I wouldn’t want one soon," the woman writes.

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Five of the women in the friend group are "either married or in very long term relationships," and two "either have a baby or are pregnant."

This year, the woman declined the invitation for the trip, writing on Reddit that she told her friends "the truth" behind her decision.

<p>Getty</p> three women having coffee


three women having coffee

"I am not going because it’s a massive financial expense, for three days where we only talk about people’s upcoming engagements / weddings / babies," she writes. "I have a lot going on, but I feel a lot of my friends do not show an interest unless I talk about someone I’m dating."

The woman adds that, on the last trip, one of the women spoke about her breastfeeding plans "for over an hour" — despite not being pregnant, nor trying.

"Truthfully it’s boring, and it feels dismissive," the poster writes, adding: "It’s also a really expensive way to feel bad about myself."

She continues: "I made clear when telling my friend this, that I am thrilled for them all living the lives they want, but maybe it’s not the weekend for me at the moment. Meaning it feels like the group has two distinct life stages, I’m in the minority and it focuses on one stage."

<p>Getty</p> Four women on the beach


Four women on the beach

Now, one of the friends told the poster she's "really hurt" that she isn't joining the trip, with the poster now asking Reddit to weigh in on the situation.

Many commenters said they understood where the poster was coming from, with one writing: "On the surface this seems like it’s just about engagements, weddings and babies. You go out of your way to be constantly supportive of them. However they don’t reciprocate that for you. They can’t relate to anything or want to relate to anything outside of their lives."

"It would sort of be like if you just won an award but all they talked about was the pie they just ate that morning," the commenter added.

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Another chalked the issue up to people simply growing apart, writing, "We all change as we get older. You naturally drift apart from some friends, especially if their lifestyle changes dramatically (think married with children, in particular). I wouldn't want to spend a lot of money to spend 3 days with a group that had such dis-similar interests. And I don't think it was wrong to be truthful when your friend asked you why you wouldn't go."

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