Woman's fury at $2800 cost to attend wedding

A woman has voiced her frustration after being asked to fork out almost $3000 to attend a wedding.

Taking to parenting forum Mumsnet in a post titled "Bride and Groom expecting a lot", the user said a wedding would involve two overseas trips for them.

“My partner and I are invited to a wedding abroad in June (my other half is an usher – unexpectedly I might add – he is one of eight others!),” she wrote.

She said the wedding will significantly impact them as it’s in “the middle of nowhere” with no transport, and they will have to take leave.

A woman has been asked to spend almost $3k on a wedding. Photo: Getty
A woman has been asked to spend almost $3k on a wedding. Photo: Getty

On top of this they have to contribute to the groom’s costs for his stag do as well – which is also overseas.

“Perhaps I’m wrong as this is the first time either myself or my partner have been invited to a hen/stag, but I thought the norm was for everyone (including the groom) to pay for themselves?”

And on top of everything the couple’s gift registry is also filled with expensive items, and the couple are already “well off”.

Even the gift registry is expensive. Photo: Youtube
Even the gift registry is expensive. Photo: Youtube

“I mean obviously we would have gotten something as a token but the cheapest items on their registry are in excess of $180. Am I being overly sensitive?”

Completely frustrated she tallies up that the wedding would cost them $2800.

Many were quick to agree the demands were outrageous, with many saying they should decline the invitation and spend the money on themselves.

“'I would send my apologies and go enjoy a nice two-week holiday at a location of your own choosing,” one person suggested.

“Don’t go, tell them a polite no,” another said.

Others said that people should not expect gifts if they choose to have a destination wedding.

“My understanding is that when people have a destination wedding, they should say that they don’t expect gifts,” one person wrote.

While some suggested to skip the stag do and instead just enjoy the wedding.

“You could always say you couldn’t get time off work twice,” was one comment.

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