Woman No Longer Cooks Husband Dinner After He Refuses to Do Dishes: 'He Can Handle His Own'

In an anonymous Reddit post, a woman said her husband won't clean up after she makes family meals

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woman and man in fight in kitchen

An anonymous woman is stirring conversation on Reddit after revealing that her husband refuses to clean the dishes when he cooks dinner for the family — so she's no longer making enough food for him.

Identifying herself only as a woman in her 30s who loves to cook, the anonymous poster writes that she was making dinner every night for herself, her husband and their 4-year-old son.

"I don’t typically make things that take 100 dishes or leave a massive mess but there’s usually a couple of pots and pans, some utensils and a cutting board," she writes.

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While both her son and husband will typically rinse their dinner plates and place them in the dishwasher, the poster writes that she ends up with all the cooking dishes to clean.

"I have brought this up to my husband and asked if he could do the dishes after I cook as I’m tired from doing the cooking," she writes. "He says that since I made the mess I should deal with it myself. I was mad but didn’t ask again."

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woman cooking in kitchen

So the next night, she changed her routine.

"The next night I made dinner that was just enough for me and my son. None for husband," she writes, adding, "He was confused."

She continues: "I told him if he wasn’t going to do his part for the meal then he could make his own. I think this is fair! If he thinks cleaning our dishes from our shared meal that I worked to make then he can handle his own food!"

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The anonymous Reddit user ended her post by adding that she is "not a stay at home parent."

"We both work full time and I handle most of the house and kid stuff. His job is manual labor and mine is a desk job," she adds.

Fellow Reddit users were quick to come to the poster's defense, saying that if she did the cooking, her husband should do the cleaning.

"I cook every night. My spouse does the dishes. It's called division of labor. Your spouse should get a clue. I like your malicious compliance?" wrote one.

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man standing with hands on hips in kitchen

Another wrote: "By your husband’s logic you should also stop doing his laundry, making his side of the bed, and any other household chores that involve things he uses."

Still others were a little more straightforward. "And he contributes what, exactly (besides mess)," wrote one commenter.

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