Woman Invited Her Boyfriend's Ex-Wife to Sex Reveal Party — and Her Message to the Baby Goes Viral (Exclusive)

Gabrielle Briones' family event included the mom of her boyfriend's adult son

<p>Gabrielle Briones</p> Gabrielle Briones at her baby shower; Ismayra at Briones

Gabrielle Briones

Gabrielle Briones at her baby shower; Ismayra at Briones' baby shower
  • Gabrielle Briones invited Ismayra, the mother of her boyfriend's adult son, to her "gender reveal party"

  • In Briones' now-viral TikTok post, Ismayra delivered a message to the baby, introducing herself as an "auntie" and welcoming her to their blended family

  • Briones spoke to PEOPLE about her unlikely friendship with her boyfriend's ex-wife and how they were able to establish a unique bond from the start

There’s no bad blood mixed into this blended family.

When planning her baby’s sex reveal party last summer, Gabrielle Briones made sure to invite everyone who would play a key role in her first child’s life — including her boyfriend Michael’s ex-wife, with whom he shares a 20-year-old son.

Before Briones learned she was expecting a girl — her daughter Sonia, who arrived in December 2023 — she asked the partygoers to guess the baby’s sex and filmed their responses.

Michael’s ex, Ismayra, delivered an especially heartfelt message with her prediction, which Briones shared on TikTok to demonstrate “what happens when you get grown folks together,” as she wrote in her caption.

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“I invited my boyfriend’s baby mama to our gender reveal [and] this is what happened,” Briones wrote over a photo of herself at the party to introduce the clip.

“Well hello there. Whether you’re a boy or a girl, I’m Sean’s mom, so I’ll be like your other auntie to you. Welcome to the village,” Ismayra began in the video, referring to the adult son she shares with Michael.

She concluded, “Welcome to the family. We love you already.”

<p>Gabrielle Briones</p> Gabrielle Briones and Ismayra

Gabrielle Briones

Gabrielle Briones and Ismayra

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Since baby Sonia’s birth this past winter, Briones tells PEOPLE that Ismayra has already stepped into the “auntie” role she described in the viral TikTok, which has over 131,000 likes on the app.

“She'll call me and she'll be like, "Oh, do you want to go have lunch? Bring the baby,’ ” Briones says of her boyfriend’s ex, with whom she’s built a close relationship since she started dating Michael in February 2023.

Both Michael and Briones had similarly sticky experiences trying to blend families before they met. She says Michael’s second wife didn’t get along with Ismayra at all, making things difficult for Sean, who was much younger at the time.

<p>Gabrielle Briones</p> Gabrielle Briones and her boyfriend, Michael

Gabrielle Briones

Gabrielle Briones and her boyfriend, Michael

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“I've heard several stories of Sean having to go through stuff because they didn't get along. He always had to have two birthdays. It was bad,” Briones tells PEOPLE. “When I came into the picture, my boyfriend — immediately [on] our third date — was like, ‘I want you to meet my family.’ ”

Briones remembers being a little intimidated by the idea of meeting Michael’s extended family so soon after they first connected on Bumble. In addition to the regular pressure of getting acquainted with her partner’s parents, she was also set to meet Ismayra and her parents as well.

“Everybody there is Puerto Rican and Cuban, and their Spanish is so different from my Tex-Mex Spanish,” she recalls. Plus, Briones also endured a difficult dynamic with her partner’s ex in a previous relationship.

<p>Gabrielle Briones</p>

Gabrielle Briones

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“I actually had to press charges on my ex's ex-wife,” the Texas-based TikToker tells PEOPLE. “It was horrible. It was toxic.”

It came as a massive relief when Ismayra — who is now remarried — welcomed Briones with food, hospitality and open arms.

“She cooked us dinner, and she was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I'm so happy Michael's found somebody that he really likes. I hope you guys have a really good relationship,’” Briones says. “She was super supportive from the get-go.”

<p>Gabrielle Briones</p> Gabrielle Briones with her boyfriend Michael, his son Sean and ex-wife Ismayra at Sean's birthday party

Gabrielle Briones

Gabrielle Briones with her boyfriend Michael, his son Sean and ex-wife Ismayra at Sean's birthday party

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Within months, Briones felt completely immersed in her new family dynamic. She and Michael even traveled to Puerto Rico to spend time with Ismayra’s relatives last summer, and they’ve since invited Briones to return and bring Sonia too, so the baby “can meet her other family.”

“This is the most beautiful breath of fresh air that I could have ever asked for,” Briones tells PEOPLE of her strong relationship with her boyfriend’s family. “I really do feel blessed for the whole thing.”

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