Woman Hailed a 'Hero' After Sharing Her 'Travis Kelce Story' About Going to First Base

Travis Kelce

With Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift being the "it" couple of the moment, it only makes sense that people would come out of the woodwork to dish on their encounters with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end. But recently, a woman was hailed a "hero" after sharing her story about "going to first base" with Kelce.

On June 2, a Twitter user shared a video—originally posted by TikTok user @ihadyoumegged—detailing the encounter. "This woman went to 1st base with Travis Kelce in 2017 and now she is my new hero," the Twitter user declared.

"Hi, my name is Meg. I grew up in and around Kansas City," the clip began. "I've been a lifelong die-hard Chiefs fan, and I feel like the story about how I went to first base with Travis Kelce back in 2017."

She added, "And I have a photo to prove it. Here's my proof."

Meg proceeded to show a picture of herself at first base on a baseball diamond while standing near Kelce and actor James Van Der Beek (who portrayed Dawson Leery on Dawson's Creek).

"So, technically I went to first base with Travis Kelce, and Dawson was there," Meg declared.

As it turns out, Meg won a contest to play in a charity event called Big Slick Celebrity Weekend featuring Paul RuddJason Sudeikis and other famous Kansas City natives to raise money for Children’s Mercy.

"This hunk of meat right there went to first base with yours truly," Meg reiterated while pointing to Kelce in the photo. "Even got a high five at the end. Yeah. Taylor, eat your heart out."

In the comments, TikTok users reacted to her amusing "first base" story. One wrote, "Oh she deserves a TikTok award for this video 🤣🤣🤣."

Another commented, "Hahaha. I love the 'Taylor eat your heart out' 🤣🤣."

"I was scared for a minute where this was going... then I couldn't stop laughing," another person confessed.

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