Woman claims going to work braless made her better at her job

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

When you’re rolling out of bed in the morning still half asleep, the thought of getting out of your PJs and into work clothes can seem like quite an arduous task.

However, Melbourne’s Nadia Bokody has made an accidental discovery that might just change how we get ready in the morning.

While running late for work one day, the web editor revealed that she accidentally forgot to put a bra on before leaving the house, only to later realise that going bare actually worked in her favour.

Source: Instagram/nadiabokody

“It was, in fact, an oversight – in my haste to dress and dash for the door, I threw my blouse straight over my naked chest – but it also happened to be one of the best wardrobe bloopers I’ve made to date,” Nadia revealed according to The Sun. 

She claimed that not wearing a bra gave her a sense of freedom that actually made her more productive at work.

“At the office, no longer plagued by the tugging sensation of a lacy torture device strapped around my bust, I felt, for the first time, truly comfortable at my desk, and breezed through the day’s tasks before lunch,” she explained.

After what she called a “strangely empowering, and a remarkably productive day,” Nadia sought out supporting research that confirmed, “The breast does not benefit from being deprived of gravity.”

Nadia has since refused to wear bras to work again and deems that if this was to become an issue for other people, they should question their maturity levels.

You can catch more of Nadia’s story here.

She has since refused to wear a bra to work again. Source: Instagram/nadiabokody

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