Woman ditches childcare job for $100k salary selling OnlyFans snaps

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A nursery worker has ditched her job in childcare for a $100,000 salary selling photos from her bedroom on OnlyFans.

Aimee Higher, 20, started her OnlyFans account in February 2020 and began building her social media following and creating content on the side of her day job as a nursery worker.

Aimee Higher on her bed
A nursery worker has ditched her job in childcare for a $100,000 salary selling photos from her bedroom on OnlyFans. Photo: Caters

After a year of juggling both and consistently making more from OnlyFans she quit her job with kids to go full time as a content creator in January this year.

“I was working a nine-to-five at the time in childcare and I did love it but working five days a week drained me so much,” Aimee said.

“I knew there was more to life and wanted to be my own boss and have financial freedom.


“I started my OnlyFans account on the side of my job and made $1,100 in the first month and then $2,500 most months after that for a year.

“I would go home on my lunch break to create new content and message my wonderful subscribers back.

“As soon as I went full time that jumped to $13,000+ a month and last month I had my best month yet - earning over $30,000.

“I used to earn $2,600 a month so that’s more than ten times the income.

OnlyFans star in her car
Amy now earns about 10 times her previous income. Photo: Caters

Aimee started off with only 400 followers on Instagram and now has over 20,000 followers on the app as well as on TikTok.

Her 150 subscribers quickly turned into 1,300 fans who each pay $18 a month to view her content.

Aimee kept her new job a secret from her parents at first until she realised it was something she wanted to do seriously.

She now uses the platform to challenge societal stigmas and work towards normalising sex work.

She also hopes to encourage others to have self-confidence and express themselves freely.

“I knew there would be some negative connotations because of the society we’re in so I didn’t tell my family at first,” Aimee said

“They’re still learning to navigate around the shame instilled by social conditioning, plus it’s a different generation, but they love and support me.

“I’m now investing my OnlyFans income into cryptocurrency, saving to buy property one day and looking into buying a van to travel Australia in, which is my absolute dream.

“I love OnlyFans and as long as it’s around I’ll be doing it.”

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