Woman Buys Stranger’s Antique Wedding Photos at an Auction, Tracks Down 85-Year-Old Bride and Returns Pics

Sandra Poindexter told PEOPLE she was "elated" after reuniting a woman in Texas with her long lost wedding photos nearly 30 years after she lost them

<p>Courtesy of Sandra Poindexter</p> Vintage Bridal Photos

Courtesy of Sandra Poindexter

Vintage Bridal Photos

One woman got the surprise of a lifetime when a stranger contacted her and said they’d found her wedding photos nearly 30 years after they went missing.

Sandra Poindexter was browsing for picture frames at an auction in Virginia when she came across a set that still had a couple’s wedding photos encased in the glass.

“I just thought, somebody's bound to want these, they're just gorgeous," Poindexter said according to ABC 7. She then posted images of the photos on Facebook in an attempt to locate the mystery bride.

According to the outlet, Donna Reichard saw the post and decided she wanted to help.

"Once I saw that I thought 'Oh man I wonder if she's still alive, I bet she'd love to have those pictures,'" Reichard told ABC 7. "Because I would love to have them if it were me."

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Reichard was able to get in contact with the bride in the photos, Harriet Galbraith, 85, who now lives in Texas.



“I was shocked because I had always wanted those pictures back," Galbraith said. "They've been somewhere all these years."

Poindexter shipped the photos back to Galbraith who still can’t believe that she’s finally getting her long-lost wedding photos back.

"Returning these missing bridal photos has made me so happy," Poindexter tells PEOPLE exclusively. "When I learned how Harriet has looked for them and missed them over those decades I was so excited for her! I wish I could be there when she opens the package."

For Galbraith, seeing the photos again has brought her so much joy.

"The one of me standing up was actually my favorite picture because it showed the gown," she told the news outlet. "I'm just really pleased and thrilled."

For her role in the reunion, Poindexter says she’s just happy to have been able to help.

It's just unbelievably lucky that this all came to be," she said.

In a similar story from 2019, a man found a 94-year-old's lost wedding ring after she misplaced it nearly 50 years earlier.

Wesley White took on the extra special project after he learned a woman named Florene Bush was searching for her wedding ring, WTVF reported. She lost it many years ago while gardening in her Leoma, Tennessee, home.

“I had been at the nursing home and I was talking with my mother up there,” White explained to WTVF. “I overheard a conversation and Ms. Bush had said she had lost her wedding band.”

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He set out with his friend Jeff Howell and searched the outside of the property for over an hour, White told WTVF. After about 90 minutes, he found the shiny gold band in the ground with his metal detector.

“It was approximately five inches deep and there wasn’t a scratch on the ring,” he told the station.

Bush’s son, Frank Bush, recalled of Howell and White: “They come knocking on the door saying, ‘We found it, we found it.’ ”

With that, they took the ring back to its rightful owner. Video footage showed Bush smiling and showing off the ring on her finger.

“I was so happy. I was really thrilled,” she told WTVF. “I didn’t think I’d ever see it any more.”

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