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Woman brings 20-year-old camera to Target and proves the 1990s are back

As Y2K fashions continue to make their comeback, it’s impossible to walk through the aisles of stores like Target without feeling like you’re walking back through time.

But one woman’s viral TikTok took things to a whole new level when she decided to film her recent trip to Target in the most late-’90s/early-2000s way possible: by recording it on a 20-year-old handheld camcorder.

The video was uploaded by a TikTok user named harke (@harkeofficial), a film enthusiast who’s actually been documenting a lot of her outings on the old camcorder lately.

Something about the lower picture quality, faded colors and grainy zoom-ins brings a feeling of heavy nostalgia that’s hard to explain. But when harke decided to swing into her local Target with the “vintage” camera, the trip instantly became even more nostalgic.

That’s because many of the items being sold in the Target women’s section these days give an undeniable nod to the early aughts, right down to the patent leather platform heels. Spaghetti strap dresses are back, floral bucket hats are back — even bejeweled belts are having their moment in the sun again.

“The fashion makes perfect sense when looked at through this camcorder,” harke captioned her post.

And boy, does it.

In the comments, people clearly appreciated harke’s cinematic experiment.

“Something about zoom ins on a camcorder,” one person wrote.

“They just hit right,” the TikTok creator responded.

“Sooo the world didn’t change,” someone else added. “The lense did.”

Most of all, people couldn’t help but call out the many feelings this TikTok unintentionally dug up.

“Seeing all the y2k styles coming back makes this all the more comforting,” one person said.

“I just fell through a time warp and I’m feeling emotional,” said someone else.

“Same!” yet another person replied. “As a 33 y/o millennial, I miss the days I wasn’t filled with existential dread & exhaustion from just being alive.”

(Ain’t that the truth.)

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