Woman doubles bikini collection with mind-blowing hack

If you've ever found yourself with two pairs of bikini bottoms but not a top in sight, then this hack is for you.

It was first posted to TikTok by Madison Lopez, who owns her own swimwear brand, called Swim By Seven.

Swim By Seven founder Madison Lopez
Photo: TikTok/Swim By Seven

Madison was on holiday with her family in Hawaii when she realised that she had accidentally brought a bottoms with her instead of a top.

Instead of rushing out and buying a new bikini, she figured out how to turn the bottoms into a top.


Madison simply tied a knot in the middle of the bottoms to create a top and used the strings that are supposed to tie up at the waist as straps for around her neck and back.

The hack was soon replicated by TikToker Lauren Wolfe, who has over 410,000 followers on the social media site.

Lauren Wolfe using a green bikini bottoms as a top
Lauren Wolfe decided to try out the hack for herself. Photo: TikTok/Lauren Wolfe
Lauren Wolfe in a green bikini top
Lauren Wolfe couldn't believe the hack actually works. Photo: TikTok/Lauren Wolfe

“It’s literally so cute, I’m so obsessed,” she says in the video.

“If this works I’ll be shocked. Seems like she does a knot in the bottom of her bikini,” Lauren says while imitating Madison’s actions.

“Ok it worked I am absolutely shocked. It looks like a real bikini top,” she says as she models the top for the camera.

Madison even commented on the video, saying: “OMG girl it looks so good”.

People were shocked that the hack actually worked, with one person commenting: “Woah I want to buy that exact bottom just to wear it as a top.”

However others were a bit more skeptical, saying that if you have a bigger cup size the hack might not work as well.

“My double D’s are not going to fit in that but awesome idea,” one person said.

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