Woman Adopts Late Grandfather’s Cat and Begins Charity To Help Beloved Pets Find Second Homes

Having an animal can greatly improve the quality of our lives. Whether it’s a cat or a dog, they provide companionship and give us a reason to get up each day. This is especially true for older people who spend a good deal of time at home alone.

Unfortunately, seniors also worry about finding a home for their pets after they’re gone. If no one in the family can take them, these beloved animals often end up in shelters. That’s why, after taking in her grandfather’s cat, one woman made it her mission to find these loving souls their second homes and give their parents peace of mind.

Listen to her touching story and see her tremendous success shared in this video from June 12:

This organization must be a comfort for aging or sick pet parents in Canada. The Founder of My Grandfather’s Cat (@mygrandfatherscat), Angela Rafuse, realized the need for this service after taking in her grandfather’s grumpy cat when he passed away. According to their website, one of his biggest fears was for his beloved feline, initially her grandmother’s cat, to end up in a shelter. It was why he had delayed going into a retirement home, and he was not alone. Many older individuals put off doing what’s best for them, fearing what may happen to their cherished fur children. To honor her grandfather, she chose his birthday, May 18 (2021), to begin an organization that could help put parent’s minds at ease. It didn’t take long before they grew into so much more.

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Helping Seniors Find Homes and Provide Care for Their Pets

My Grandfather’s Cat helps terminally ill seniors or those about to enter retirement homes choose new families for their beloved pets, free of charge. In most instances, these caring parents can keep their companion animals by their side until they pass. Then, they are transferred directly to the home that was pre-selected for them. As this operation has grown, they also opened a pantry for seniors struggling to feed their cats or dogs, another way to prevent these pets from being surrendered. Thanks to one grumpy cat and the efforts of a determined woman, they are celebrating their 200th successful pet re-homing.

In the US, thousands of animals enter shelters and rescues each year after losing their parents, and sadly, it's estimated that many of these animals will be unable to find homes. This is a stark reminder of the importance of including your beloved pet in your will, along with the designated caretaker. It's a loving act that can make a world of difference for your pet.

This inspiring story is a beautiful example of what can come from following your heart. While Angela has already helped hundreds of animals, she will undoubtedly help countless more find a way to their second forever homes.