Who Will Win 'The Voice' 2024? After Watching Every Episode, Here Are Our Predictions

Nathan Chester, Bryan Olesen, Karen Waldrup, Asher HaVon, Josh Sanders

Now that the Top 5 finalists on The Voice Season 25 have been revealed, it still is unclear whether Asher HaVon, Bryan Olesen, Josh Sanders, Karen Waldrup or Nathan Chester will walk away the winner. Not because it isn’t obvious who has the best voice but because there are always mitigating factors in the way that America votes.

The one thing that was surprising was who made the Top 5. This year America seemed to lean in more to talent than backstories, which was unanticipated but a welcome result.

It was amazing that neither Serenity Arce, Maddie Jane or Madison Curbelo made the Top 5. They tend to be the types of artists that America normally votes for, but none of them made it through this season.

That said, it still doesn’t mean that the artist who should win will win because The Voice viewers tend to vote heavily for country artists and this year two of the three remaining country artists in the Top 9—Josh and Karen—made it into the finale.

Who will win The Voice in 2024?

Asher HaVon<p>Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC</p>
Asher HaVon

Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

But the reality is that 31-year-old soul singer Asher HaVon from Selma, Ala., should be named the next Voice. Even though Asher isn’t on his team, John Legend did admit that no one on the show can sing like Asher.

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“My dad texted me this week and said, 'Asher is the Voice,'” John told Asher during Monday night’s Top 9 performance show after his performance of Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable.” “Now, I'm a little biased toward my team, but I will say this: No matter what other factors people are voting on, I think you're the best vocalist in this competition. And you show that with every song, no matter what you sing.”

Back when Blake Shelton was coaching, it seemed to help to be on his team as he won nine times and not all of those times were with a country artist, but this season, the only coach with a win to his credit is John. Both Chance the Rapper and Reba McEntire are in their second seasons on The Voice and neither has won. And it’s a first time for Dan + Shay, but with Karen Waldrup their last remaining artist in the finale, it could be their year.

Karen Waldrup<p>Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC</p>
Karen Waldrup

Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

Despite Asher having the best voice, there’s a good chance that the win will go to Karen or Josh Sanders being, as mentioned earlier, they are country artists. Of the two, it would be great if it were Karen. She’s worked so many years to get to this point in her career, she proved her versatility with her performances, she would definitely be deserving of a boost.

Josh Sanders<p>Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC</p>
Josh Sanders

Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

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Bryan Olesen<p>Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC</p>
Bryan Olesen

Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

As for Team Legend’s Bryan Olesen and Nathan Chester, it doesn’t bode well for Bryan as he made it into the Top 5 and the finale via the Instant Save, rather than the initial vote. Not that I have done the math, but from observation, it seems that America knows what it wants and keeps to its original decision the majority of the time.

Nathan Chester<p>Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC</p>
Nathan Chester

Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

And that leaves Nathan Chester. It would be terrific if Nathan won. He is unique in the type of music he wants to make, taking us back in time to much-loved songs from the past, but also putting his own spin on them. And his personality shines every time on stage, giving him a special stage presence.

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The Voice Winner Prediction

Asher HaVon should win, but Karen Waldrup or Josh Sanders are more likely to due to America’s preference for country artists.

The Voice airs Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT for performances, Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT for results on NBC. Streams next day on Peacock.

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