Who Will Win 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 16? Episode 11 Power Rankings

With only six queens left in the competition, we are quickly approaching the finale of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 16. At this point, we know the remaining competitors well. We've seen them compete in every possible type of challenge, we have their track records and we know they are all as shady as hell.

This week, after a sort of odd comedy challenge disguised as a corporate power point presentation, Mhi'ya Iman Le'Paige was FINALLY sent home. She's been sitting at the bottom of my power rankings for weeks now, and watching her sashay away after her fourth lip sync felt a bit like a mercy. Her elimination leaves us with just six queens in the hunt for the crown.

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Which brings us to the question: Who will win Season 16 of RuPaul's Drag Race?

To that end, I've put together a ranking of the six remaining queens competing on this season, ordered from least likely to most likely to be crowned America's Next Drag Superstar. It's a power ranking if you will, and while there are supposed spoilers on dark corners of the internet, I haven't read any of them. This ranking is also based on how likely the queen is to WIN the competition, not just go far.

If you want to take a look at last week's ranking, here you go.

Feel free to swing back to Parade from week to week because I will be updating as the season unfolds.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 16 Episode 11 power rankings:



6. Morphine Love Dion

Last Week: Sixth
Track Record: Safe, Safe, Safe, Safe, Safe, Bottom, Bottom, Bottom, Top, Bottom

With Mhi'ya's elimination, her fellow Miami queen moves down into the bottom slot on my ranking. With two previous lip syncs and no wins on her record, she's heading into the end game with the worst track record of the bunch. While the presumably impending makeover challenge does seem BUILT for Morphine, she's really tangling with heavy hitters at this point. While I think she could possibly edge out Dawn (or perhaps even Q) in a third lip sync, I don't see any path to a win for Miss Dion.



5. Dawn

Last Week: Fifth
Track Record: Safe, Safe, Safe, Safe, Top, Safe, Safe, Top, Safe, Bottom

After 10 weeks of floating along in the liminal space between the bottom and a win, Dawn finally received the first ding to her record this week. While she hasn't had to lip sync, she's also at least two wins behind every other queen remaining in the competition. While her aesthetic has been on point all season, she's struggled in the dancing challenges, and if she ends up having to lip sync against anyone (aside from maybe Q), she's a goner. Dawn may have an episode or two left in her, but I think she's realizing that she may never earn that challenge win, try as she might.



4. Nymphia Wind

Last Week: Fourth
Track Record: Safe, Win, Safe, Win, Safe, Safe, Bottom, Top, Immune, Top

Nymphia continues to be an enigma on this season of Drag Race. While her runways are perhaps the best of the entire franchise, her track record in other challenges has been a bit spotty. She doesn't get a ton of airtime, she always seems to be unsure of herself (even though perhaps that's an act?) and her obsession with bananas is getting a tad annoying. I don't quite understand why an extremely talented queen has somehow transplanted her personality with a fruit. This week during the power point presentation, she relied on a heavy Asian accent, which has been utilized before on Drag Race to varying success and mostly seemed to confuse the judges. While her brilliant runway looks and weaker competitors have kept her safe so far, I just can't really see a world in which she is this season's winner.



3. Q

Last Week: Third
Track Record: Top, Top, Top, Bottom, Win, Top, Safe, Win, Safe, Safe

I don't know if it's the edit or her personality, but Q has quickly become the pick me, Loosey DeLuca/Alexis Michelle/"has a lot of feelings for safe" girl of the season. This week's loss to Sapphira Cristal provided Q with a Jan-esque face crack and I imagine we will see plenty of unhappy Q at the beginning of next week's episode. While Q's costuming abilities and proficient comedy skills have got her this far, I don't see her being able to best either Sapphira or Plane Jane in a performance challenge. I think the best case scenario for Q may be as runner up. Will she be okay with that though? Seems unlikely.



2. Plane Jane

Last Week: First
Track Record: Win, Safe, Top, Safe, Top, Safe, Win, Safe, Safe, Safe

After a second sort of glitchy week and a string of safe performances, I'm bumping Plane Jane from her top spot on my rankings. There are still a few weeks for her to bounce back since I think she's in no danger of going home before the finale, but her confidence seems a little bit shaken and she didn't do as well in the power point challenge as I assumed she would. That all being said, I do think that Plane Jane would be the most satisfying winner of this season. While we've had old-school professionals (like Sapphira) and fashion queens (like Q) win Drag Race before, Plane Jane's villainous clown is completely unlike what we've seen crowned in the past. She's like a darker version of Jimbo or a less spooky version of Sharon Needles, and I think she'd be an exciting ambassador for the show going forward.



1. Sapphira Cristal

Last Week: Second
Track Record: Win, Top, Safe, Safe, Immune, Top, Top, Safe, Win, Win

Coming off back-to-back wins (not to mention near wins in the Snatch Game and the Rusical), Sapphira has really staked her claim as the frontrunner. She's the only queen with three wins under her belt, and as a strong all around competitor, I struggle to see how she'd end up in the bottom against the likes of Morphine, Q or Dawn, who have more specialized skill sets. Moreover, she's already won two separate lip sync battles for wins so we KNOW she has the performance chops for the finale as well. While I do think that Plane Jane would be the more satisfying winner from an outside perspective, Sapphira is making herself more and more undeniable as we go along. If she turns out strong performances in the next few episodes, it's going to be near impossible for Ru not to crown her.

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