Wife's savage Valentine’s Day gift for husband goes viral

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It’s a day for couples in love to show their appreciation for each other but one man may have got a shock when he opened the gift his wife made him for Valentine’s Day this year.

The woman has gone viral online after uploading a video to TikTok showing her unique homemade gift, a parcel filled with pictures of all the women’s photos he’s liked on Instagram.

wife's DIY valentine's Day gift roast husband
A woman has shared her savage Valentine's Day gift for her husband. Photo: TikTok

"What did you get your man for Valentine's Day?," she captioned the video.

“I got my husband this cute little box and filled it with pictures of all the girls that he’s been liking on Instagram. Hope he likes it!”

In the video, the woman takes pieces of styrofoam and wraps them up in red wrapping paper.


Then she takes little sticks and attached all the photos of women from Instagram her husband has pressed ‘like’ on.

She then stuck the sticks into the styrofoam to create the gift.

Woman's Valentine's Day gift for husband
The gift has caused a deabte online. Photo: TikTok

The video has been viewed over 11 million times on TikTok, sparking a debate over the unusual gift.

“Well he did like the pictures… pretty sure he’ll love the gift,” one person wrote.

“Icon. Legend. Inspiration,” another said.

“Omg I didn’t know what to get him. THIS IS PERFECT,” a person commented.

Gift, Christmas, Giving, Winter, Christmas Present, Birthday Presents
The woman ended up turning comments off and telling people the DIY gift was a joke. Photo: Getty Images

Others weren’t so sure about the woman’s Valentine’s Day move, with one person writing: "Tell me you're petty, without telling me you're petty.”

Another person wrote: “No, this is toxic and very insecure.”

After the video blew up online, the woman was forced to turn comments off and clarify that the video was in fact a joke.

"My Valentine's Day gift was a joke. Leave me alone LOL," she wrote.

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