Wife expresses her regret for making husband shave his beard after seeing the results

Wife expresses her regret for making husband shave his beard after seeing the results

A woman is rethinking her decision after seeing what her husband looks like with his beard shaved off.

Sophie Clarke recently took to TikTok to show off her husband before and after shaving his face. “POV: you begged your heavily bearded long haired husband to clean shave for the first time in years and it was the worst idea known to man,” text across the screen of her video read.

“How did his barber allow this,” she questioned when showing what her husband looks like clean-shaven but with hair that still was long enough to hit the center of his back when left completely down.

“A crime to humanity,” Clarke captioned her TikTok, further expressing how upset she was at the transformation.

After posting, Clarke’s video went on to receive over 38 million views, with many people leaving comments comparing him to various characters.

“He went from Viking to Kate Moss,” one commenter joked while another wrote: “Went from Thor to Steve Harrington.”

A third comment read: “Girl... he went from I’ll chop the firewood to can you open this pickle jar for me?”

“No way that’s the same dude. Look at the shoulder difference! You can’t convince me otherwise,” one person said.

Other commenters agreed with Clarke and thought he looked better with a beard as opposed to without one.

“Glue it back on omg,” one person wrote in the comments section.


“That... can’t.. is not the same person. I refuse to believe it,” another comment agreed.

This isn’t the first time someone has gone viral on TikTok for deciding to shave off a beard. Recently, Paige Robinson also took to TikTok to show her husband, Josh Davila, revealing his freshly shaven face to their four-year-old daughter, Wren, for the first time.

In her video Wren is sitting on her bed holding an iPad while her father makes an appearance without his signature beard and mustache. After she got over the initial shock, she asked him if she could give him a kiss and even complimented how soft his skin felt.

“It feels so soft,” she told him, also noting that he looked “so different”.

Wren then made sure to let her father know that despite the change he was “so beautiful,” causing his eyes to well up in tears. “You’re gonna make me cry,” he replied to his daughter.

After posting, the video went on to receive over five million views, with many people taking to the comments to express how sweet and wholesome the four-year-old’s gesture was.

“‘You’re So Beautiful’ She’s so sweet. Absolutely adorable. She’s blessed to have you as her dad. Cherish every moment,” one comment read.

“I’m crying bc usually men get laughed at when they shave. It’s so common. This is so pure, she loves her daddy I bet he feels Bonita now,” a second person wrote in the comments.

“What a beautiful little girl. Her father is the first man in her life!! She knows that she is HIS princess. The tender look she looks at him, wow!!!” a third commenter agreed.