Wife cries ‘real tears’ in the middle of Home Goods over special Christmas pillow

Sometimes the holiday spirit hits you directly in the feels.

TikToker Celina cried “real tears” in the aisles of a Home Goods store. Although she and her husband Adam had already packed their shopping cart with a ton of Christmas decor, the wife spotted an eye-catching pillow. She knew she had to have it.

“This is a full village. Santa is going over top of the village,” Celina explained.

She held up the decorative pillow. It had a vintage painting of a colorful town covered in a bed of snow. Santa and his sleigh were flying over it. But then Adam pointed out something special.

“Celina, what’s that?” he asked.

He pointed to a button at the corner of the pillow. Celina pushed it, and the pillow lit up. It was pure joy for the holiday fanatic.

“Shut the front door?” she said, crying. “We’re getting this.”

The video racked up 3.7 million views on TikTok.

“It lights up!!! decorating equivalent to ‘my dress has pockets!'” a user commented.

“And that ladies and gentlemen, is called adulthood, we get excited by decorative pillow with lights,” another joked.

“The joy on her face that it lite up. My heart melted! I feel you girl,” someone wrote.

“I too have the same reaction to the PERFECT Christmas decoration,” a person replied.

“OMG I bought this today!! Before seeing this!! I needed it too!” a TikToker said.

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