Why Taylor Swift Fans Will Want to Tune In to 'Jeopardy!' Tonight

'Jeopardy!', Taylor Swift

The Jan. 24 episode of Jeopardy! should have Swifties tuning in for the unique tribute to Taylor Swift, as the hit game show is dedicating all of its Round One category names to the star.

Jeopardy! gave fans a look at the episode's categories in the game J!6, which lets fans play the extra clues created for each day's episode, but not used in the show.

The newest J!6 game revealed that all of the category names for the first round are themed around Swift: Love Story, Our Song, Bad Blood, Shake It Off, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, and The Errors Tour. All of the names are Swift's song titles except for the last, which is in reference to her Eras Tour.

While the names are in tribute to the singer-songwriter, the questions are not about Swift, and as is the case with every game of Jeopardy!, some have extra rules for the answer. Based on the preview J!6 game, the first category seems to be about fictional romances, while Shake It Off's extra question asked you to "shake off" a few letters from a word to get the answer.

In December, Celebrity Jeopardy! had a full category, questions and all, dedicated to Swift called Also A Taylor Swift Song, which questioned the contestants about words that mean one thing but are also the name of one of Swift's hit songs. Swifties were disappointed in the contestants, Kyra Sedgwick, Mo Rocca and Amanda Seales, as they avoided the category until the end and got most of the questions wrong.

For the Jan. 24 episode, Ken Jennings is hosting the game, with Dillon Hupp, Lloyd Sy and Kelly Barry competing to win. For those wanting to check out the new episode and all the Swift-themed categories, you can catch Jeopardy! on ABC at 7 p.m. EST.

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