Why Sportscaster Erin Andrews Is ‘Beyond Grateful’ to Taylor Swift

Erin Andrews, Taylor Swift

Sportscaster Erin Andrews is backing Taylor Swift against the “dads, Brads and Chads” upset over the “Blank Space” singer’s appearance on NFL broadcasts—but she’s especially “grateful” to Swift for supporting women and small businesses.

"You want me to hate her? I’m not gonna do it,” Andrews said on a Feb. 1 episode of Calm Down, the podcast she cohosts with sports commentator Charissa Thompson. “I’ve always loved her, and I love her freaking more now. And I just am so appreciative of her.”

Swift’s appearance at NFL games has generated mixed reactions since she began attending games to support her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, last fall. While Swifties love seeing Swift in NFL stadiums, there are many football fans who are frustrated with the NFL for panning over to her box during game-day broadcasts for reaction shots.

The latest surge in frustration came after the Jan. 28 AFC Championship game, when Swift greeted Kelce on the field at M&T Bank Stadium following the Chiefs’ victory over the Baltimore Ravens. As broadcasters focused on the couple’s sweet moment on the field, fans quickly took note of the jewelry Swift was sporting—including a Chiefs necklace sold by Andrews’ line of jewelry.

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Andrews pointed to the necklace’s $45 price tag as an example of Swift “being relatable” when the “Lover” songstress could afford to wear more expensive pieces.

“She freaking supports small business, she supports women, and I couldn’t love her more for that,” Andrews told Thompson. “She was so great and gracious, and I am beyond grateful, and I could cry.”

Earlier in the podcast, Andrews mentioned recent comments by Fox Sports personality Colin Cowherd, who defended Swift during his The Herd radio show. Cowherd labeled those who dislike seeing Swift at NFL games “insecure men” in a rant that quickly went viral.

Andrews agreed that those who think Swift is “ruining” the NFL should “calm down.”

“How bad is it now that we have young girls that want to watch the NFL?” Andrews asked. “I think it’s freaking awesome.”

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