Why Michelle Pfeiffer Missed the Oscars 'Scarface' Reunion With Al Pacino

Michelle Pfeiffer and Al Pacino during Scarface 20th Anniversary Re-release Celebration at City Cinemas Theatres in New York City.

Michelle Pfeiffer was set to reunite with her Scarface co-star Al Pacino at the 96th Academy Awards on Sunday, but as anyone who watched the show already knows, that failed to happen.

Now, we know why.

The duo was scheduled to present the last award of the night, Best Picture, which went to Oppenheimer, but unfortunately, Pacino was the only one on stage to congratulate the winners. The 83-year-old was still met with wide applause and a standing ovation upon his entrance to the floor.

Pfeiffer, 65, "was not able to attend the ceremony for personal family reasons and was on the East Coast Sunday night," according to a source who spoke with Deadline.

While the Scarface reunion wasn't an official segment of this year's Oscars, Pfeiffer and Pacino were previously confirmed to be awarding a winner together last month when the full list of presenters was first announced.

Ironically enough (or perhaps it was planned), the would-be Academy Awards partnership between the former co-stars came just in time to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 1983 film.

For their parts in the remake of the crime drama, which first premiered in 1932, Pacino portrayed fictional crime boss Tony Montana while Pfeiffer played Pacino's on-screen wife, Elvira Hancock, in what's since been referred to as her breakout role.

While talking about the film in 2017, the actress admitted that she almost didn't get the part.

“I was terrified, and I was really young,” she told Jimmy Fallon while recalling the months-long audition process in her 20s.

“As it went on, the worse I got because I just got so afraid,” Pfeiffer said. “By the end of it, [director] Brian De Palma was really sweet. He was really rooting for me, Brian. And he said, you know, I’m sorry, but you’re just bad now. What’s going on?...It’s not gonna work out, babe.”

But, months later, she was called back for a screen test–where she apparently made Pacino bleed.

“I threw dishes and everything went flying and I broke things...I was in it," she said. "There was blood everywhere.”

As of writing, neither Pfeiffer nor Pacino have issued a statement regarding her sudden and unexpected absence.

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