Why Dylan Dreyer Is Missing from 'The Today Show'

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 08: Dylan Dreyer attends Hudson River Park Friends 8th Annual Playground Committee Luncheon on March 08, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by John Nacion/Getty Images)

Dylan Dreyer was missing from her usual spot on The Today Show during the 3rd hour of the broadcast on Thursday, March 21, and although no explanation behind her absence has been provided as of yet, her recent social media activity provides some context clues as to a potential reason why.

The meteorologist is seemingly away from her family, as evidenced by a screenshot she shared via social media.

In an Instagram post, a text message thread between herself and her husband, Brian Fichera, revealed that Dreyer was not at home, as she asked him, "How are the boys?? How's morning?" likely being a typical mom and wondering how the flow of things was going since she was not there.

The couple shares three young sons: Calvin, Oliver, and Rusty.

From the looks of it, though, the answer to the question wasn't necessarily the best, as Fichera sarcastically replied, "Boys are great!! Mornings good!" alongside a photo of a wooden table with shattered glass sprawling across its surface.

"Well that took a turn! #boys," she captioned the inside look at the reality of her personal life.

In addition to the text thread, the TV personality also shared a snapshot of her breakfast, featuring a caption with more clues as to where she may have been during the missed talk show spot.

"Must be in NJ #iykyk," she wrote alongside the second photo, which displayed a plate with over hard eggs topped with a slice of fried bologna, grits, and chopped fruit.

The family of five currently lives in New York, and though New Jersey is not far from home, Dreyer could have potentially been on her way out of the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, CT), heading to an appointment or other engagement, or simply enjoying a day off from work.

Earlier this month, the broadcaster raised eyebrows with her admission that she sometimes has her sons shower with her to save time, noting, "It's funny because I'm also a very efficient mom so when I have to shower at night, if I can get all three in the shower with me so I can get everybody bathed at once, we're good to go!"

In regards to Dreyer's nudity, she said that Oliver and Rusty "have no idea what's going on so they don't care. They'll run around naked all day long, I think they're just so proud of their bodies and their parts."

But she did add, "It's getting a little weird now that my oldest is seven," explaining that now, "He doesn't do the shower thing anymore, he'll be in the bath while I take a shower. But you know, I put the towel on pretty quickly, I don't linger."

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