Why Bobby Flay Prefers Electric Ovens Over Gas For Baking

Close up of Bobby Flay
Close up of Bobby Flay - Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

When it comes to baking up a loaf of French bread, a beautiful red velvet cake, or a batch of chocolate chip cookies for the neighborhood block party, it might surprise you to learn that Bobby Flay is a fan of the electric oven. While the Iron Chef didn't get into the gas vs. electric oven debate, he told CNN that while he prefers a gas stove for most things he is cooking up, he likes an electric oven for baking. But what is it about an electric oven that is better for baked goods?

One of the pros this type of appliance has going for it is the fact that it can keep a steady temperature once it hits the degree you have it set to. This means the heat remains consistent and helps your baked goods develop and bake at an even pace. This stands in stark contrast to the ups and downs in temperature a gas oven can be prone to. Of course, that's only one of the benefits for your baked goods.

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Electric Ovens Produce A Dry Heat

Little girls watching cookies bake
Little girls watching cookies bake - Gmvozd/Getty Images

An electric oven will help to more readily produce that beautiful golden hue we love when we make cornbread and that yummy crispiness that is synonymous with crunchy cookies or a fragrant apple crisp. This is because the environment inside this appliance is much drier compared to what you experience with a gas oven. Using an electric stove will also help alleviate the dreaded burning of the bottom side of your baked goods, and an even bigger plus is tied to the cost. While a gas oven comes with a hefty price tag, electric ovens can be a little kinder on your pocketbook.

But, no kitchen appliance is perfect. If Flay's endorsement of the electric oven sways you away from baking in a gas version, you should note that the center rack of this contraption is the sweet spot, but turning your bakeware halfway through your recipe's cook time is a good practice. And don't be in a rush. Your electric stove needs some time to preheat.

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