Why Bali Chainani is ‘struggling’ to watch Season 3 of ‘Family Karma’

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With two weddings and an engagement, it feels like a celebratory season of Bravo’s Family Karma, but for star Bali Chainani, this year was tougher than most.

As viewers learned toward the beginning of the current third season, Bali’s ex-husband had given her a brutal ultimatum: Sell the house that she’d raised their daughter, Anushka, in or he wouldn’t be paying for her college tuition. She made the heartbreaking decision to sell her home in support of her daughter, but seeing the dark place that the situation put her in has made watching this season back “tough” for her.

In a conversation for the newest episode of In The Know by Yahoo’s pop culture interview series, We Should Talk, Bali shared her thoughts on the situation, which she wishes would’ve been highlighted more on this season, and expressed her gratitude for the support she’s received from her castmates and fans alike.

“Mentally, it’s a tough season for me just because there’s been a huge, life-altering change in my life. It’s unfortunate that they haven’t shown too much of that, so I’m struggling with that,” Bali told In The Know. “I’m struggling with my personal journey and story not panning out on television to give the viewers clarity. I’m getting asked questions on the back end that I’m not sure I should be answering or not because I’m not sure what the rest of the season looks like.”

Listen to In The Know by Yahoo’s interview with Bali Chainani below:

In the past, Bali didn’t speak ill of her ex-husband out of respect for her daughter. But, as she explained during her interview on We Should Talk, he finally crossed a line that allowed her to speak freely about him. By crossing her, he also crossed their daughter.

“It’s happened. I’ve had to sell my house, the one that Anushka was raised in, because her father is still very angry that I picked up and left a bad marriage. It’s that typical Indian mentality where he waited all of these years to punish me, and this is how he punished me,” she explained. “It’s a ‘I’m not gonna pay for Anushka’s higher education and her life in New York. You took her? You take care of her’ kind of situation. Long story short, I’ve had to sell my house, and I’m living at my parents’ [house] at the moment.”

Watch In The Know by Yahoo’s full interview with Bali Chainani below, and tune in to Family Karma on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET only on Bravo:

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