Why Al Roker Was Absent from the 'Today' Show

Al Roker

Some Today show fans were a little concerned about Al Roker when he wasn't at his normal spot on the daily show, but luckily, the TV star shared an update that assured everyone that there was nothing to worry about.

On March 11, Roker shared a sweet family post on Instagram, giving fans a special look at some quality time between the meteorologist and his son, 21-year-old Nick. In the first photo, Roker smiled lovingly at Nick while they stood together on a beautiful beach, while the second showed the father-and-son duo relaxing in a lounge as they rocked matching sun hats.

"It was a #guystrip for me and Nick to the fabulous @rwmayakoba," declared the 69-year-old, noting that the two were staying at the Rosewood Mayakoba resort in Cancun, Mexico. Apparently, Roker's wife Deborah Roberts stayed at home as her husband and son enjoyed the fun vacation, though she commented, "Missed you guys and the beach! 🏝️.

"Making memories with your son🙌❤," wrote one fan happy to see the family photos, as another said, "Oh!!! Guys trip! I love this! Nick looks so grown up!"

Quite a few people shared how relieved they were to see that Roker was doing well, such as one person who commented, "Glad you were away for fun and not health related! We were all getting worried!"

"I’ve been worried about you but now I know you were making PRICELESS memories! Time well spent ❤️," read a similar note, while a third chimed in, "I had a feeling you and Nick were on an adventure!"

The concern from fans likely stems from the fact that Roker had some health obstacles in late 2022 that resulted in him being away from Today for almost two months. Roker was hospitalized for blood clots and it seemed quite serious for a time, but he soon recovered and got back to work!

Roker also had a knee replacement last May, but since then, he appears to be doing well, often checking in with his fans about exercising and focusing on his well-being.

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