Whoopi Goldberg Reveals How She Uncovered Who On ‘The View’ Was Leaking Gossip

Whoopi Goldberg is apparently skilled at uncovering the source of gossip.

The talk show co-host revealed during a segment of “The View” on Thursday that she has purposefully shared false stories in the past to see who was gossiping.

Following a discussion about gossip, co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin had mentioned the method of planting false information to expose a gossiper when Goldberg chimed in that she was all too familiar with that approach.

“We have done that, we have done that,” she said while looking at fellow veteran co-host Joy Behar. “We did that to see who was talking.”

Behar, who initially looked confused by Goldberg’s remarks, appeared to recall the situation moments later.

“Oh,” she said, seemingly trying to keep a straight face.

Goldberg and Behar didn’t divulge further, and it’s unclear whether the EGOT winner was talking about a former on-set member, ex co-host or someone who currently works on the show.

Behar said she was “sworn to secrecy” when Farah Griffin and another co-host, Sunny Hostin, pressed the two to spill more details. (See a clip of the entire discussion below.)

Some of “The View” co-hosts have played coy about spilling the tea in another recent episode.

Last month, Hostin and Behar were apparently passing notes to each other while taping the talk show.

Goldberg was discussing a story about a wedding when she abruptly paused and glanced at her colleagues.

“You guys are passing notes on television?” Farah Griffin asked.

Goldberg then suggested that the two share their notes “with the rest of the class,” but they refused. Hostin admitted that her conversations with Behar are often “inappropriate.”

But apparently, Behar hasn’t always been good at keeping secrets.

Sherri Shepherd, a former co-host of “The View,” told Behar during an episode of her talk show “Sherri” in October that her former colleague would tell her juicy secrets during her time on the show.

Shepherd said, “I would tell you stuff and then you would go and tell it.”