Whoopi Goldberg Has Pointed Message for Kate Middleton Conspiracy Theorists

Whoopi Goldberg, Kate Middleton

Whoopi Goldberg has had enough of the Kate Middleton conspiracy theories, now dubbed "#KateGate," which unfolded after royal watchers believed her to be "missing" following the lack of recent sightings since her hospitalization and the admission that a recent release of a "new" photo had been edited.

"Conspiracy theories over Princess Kate and the royal family photo keep getting piled higher and higher," the 68-year-old began during Wednesday's (March 13) episode of The View. "What the hell is going on here? What is the issue? She said, 'I took the picture [that was confirmed to be altered].'"

"Sarah Haines is responsible for getting me to go down a rabbit hole," co-host Sunny Hostin interjected as Haines giggled beside her.

"Sarah keeps on sending text messages to me about pictures and where it's doctored and all of this, and so, yesterday, they released another picture of Kate in a car and you can't see Kate. So now I have Manny [Hostin] looking at the picture and Manny said that the brick doesn't match through the glass."

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"What doesn't match?" Goldberg questioned. "Show me."

After Hostin, 55, proved her point, Goldberg doubled down. "All this does is show that you don't know what goes on in building. Have you never seen a building that had two different kinds of bricks?"

But Hostin insisted, "That's a photoshop," later adding that she would "bank on her husband's surgeon eyes."

But the Sister Act star wasn't buying it, especially when Hostin tried to blame Haines for convincing her there was some truth to the conspiracies.

"It's your fault for buying into it," Goldberg said.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, 34, then chimed in, attempting to explain why some of the hosts–herself included–have succumbed to allegations against the royal family. "There's a reason we care about this. Not to make it heavy, but we know the treatment around [Princess] Diana, we know what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry went through, and now you have a princess–a queen in waiting–that hasn't been seen and the stories just don't pan out."

"The palace could resolve this in two minutes by putting her direct to camera," Griffin added.

Still, Goldberg wasn't convinced, even after Griffin explained the ethical guidelines many political and official organizations are expected to uphold by the press. Hence, numerous outlets "killed" the photo after coverage was released.

"I think Kate took a picture and said, ‘Ooh, his lips look wrong, her butt looks wrong, this looks wrong, let me fix it,’” Goldberg suggested.

"I believe that she took the picture and gave it to [the Palace],” she said, “because she wanted to take charge of the story that’s being put out."

"This is all speculation and we’re having fun,” she concluded, “Just know that we know that we don’t know.”

While many of the conspiracies seem rooted in concern for the princess' well-being, as Goldberg tried to explain throughout the heated debate, the allegations could be doing more harm than good.

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