Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Have a Direct Message for Those Criticizing Taylor Swift

Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar joined the ranks of celebs defending Taylor Swift from online critics who are "outraged" over her brief features on the big screen at Kansas City Chiefs games.

The View co-hosts issued a direct message at those "angry" over the pop superstar's presence during the Wednesday, Jan. 31, episode of the talk show after airing Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd's opinion on the subject, where he called out the "sad and lonely" men complaining about Swift.

“What are you so pissed about?” Goldberg asked. "Why are you so mad?"

"There is so many things to be angry at in this world," Goldberg, 68, went on, "why are these men 'toxically masculine?'"

"Football was always kind of no girls allowed–not accounting for the statistics, there are a lot of female fans," Sara Haines interjected with what she believed was an explanation for the upset. "But the way it's always been is you're welcome in as a mom, a girlfriend who doesn't take up too much attention, a cheerleader, you had to fit those traditional roles."

"Here comes Taylor Swift," Haines, 46, continued, "She has more money, therefore more power, she's more famous, and she's coming in to see her boyfriend in his home, in a football stadium. That appearance is very uncomfortable for some people, and I would argue, it goes beyond men. I would actually say the bias is also existing in women."

Behar then jumped in, sharing that she "feels for these guys" because "things have not gone their way." And no, the 81-year-old was not kidding.

She cited lower college enrollment admissions as leading to "fewer jobs for men" while at the same time, women "are moving ahead" as a result of working hard and the feminist movement, which she went on to say "left some of these guys behind" and that she thinks "that they resent it."

“These guys need some therapy,” Behar added. “Go get a shrink! I mean, they don’t consider it masculine to be in therapy. It is not about masculine [or] feminine, it is about your brain, and so they need some help, and that’s why I feel sorry for them.”

But unlike Behar, Sunny Hostin "doesn't feel sorry for them." Instead, the 55-year-old called them a "weirdo group" for getting all riled up over the "25 seconds" the camera is on Swift.

While some NFL audiences will likely remain outraged over the decision to show the 12-time Grammy winner in the stands as long as she's dating Travis Kelce, the list of those defending her will also continue to grow beyond the Chiefs tight end and his brother Jason, retired NFL player J.J. Watts, linebacker Drue Tranquill, and ESPN sports commentator Stephen A. Smith.

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