Is Whole Foods Open on Memorial Day This Year?

Whole Foods Market

Barbecue, cookout and outdoor get-together season is finally here, and the first event on the docket is Memorial Day. And for those who like to take a more health-conscious approach to the day, Whole Foods may be the first store to come to mind to get what you need. That's why it's not surprising that you're wondering: Is Whole Foods open on Memorial Day?

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Is Whole Foods Open on Memorial Day?

For those planning Memorial Day gatherings or cookouts, Whole Foods provides a diverse selection of fresh ingredients and gourmet items to elevate any celebration. From artisanal cheeses and freshly baked bread to seasonal fruits and vegetables, Whole Foods offers everything needed to create delicious and memorable dishes. But does that mean you can actually stop by on the day?

Like many other grocery stores, Whole Foods will be open on Memorial Day. Unfortunately though, hours may vary on the day, so it's best that you check local listings or the Whole Foods website to ensure the one nearest you will be open for business during the hour you plan to visit.

Regardless if you're stocking up on ingredients for the holiday feast or simply craving a healthy snack, however, Whole Foods is poised to serve you with its commitment to freshness and quality. And, if you're still looking for Memorial Day BBQ ideas that will impress your guests, be sure to check out our roundup before hitting Whole Foods to shop.

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