Whodunnit? Watch the trailer for “Last Stop Larrimah, ”an Australian murder mystery set in an 11-person town

Last Stop Larrimah
Last Stop Larrimah

Peter Cairns/HBO Paddy Moriarty in 'Last Stop Larrimah'

There are small towns — and then there are really small towns.

Larrimah, a remote village hidden deep in the Australian Outback, might be one of the very tiniest, a strange and isolated settlement with a population of 11. It's an odd place, nestled in Australia's Northern Territory, and it's also home to a shocking murder mystery: In December 2017, 70-year-old resident Paddy Moriarty disappeared with his dog, leaving his 10 eccentric neighbors as murder suspects.

EW has the exclusive first trailer (below) for Last Stop Larrimah: Murder Down Under, an HBO documentary about Moriarty's mysterious disappearance. Directed by Thomas Tancred and produced by the Duplass brothers, the film investigates how the Irish Moriarty and his dog, Kellie, went missing in December 2017, seemingly vanishing into the Outback. Depending on who you talk to, Moriarty was either an endearing member of the Larrimah community or a hard-drinking menace who quickly made enemies with his neighbors. The doc investigates every resident in town, uncovering strange secrets and years-long grudges.

Last Stop Larrimah is both a deep dive into Moriarty's disappearance and a spotlight on Larrimah itself, a forgotten hamlet where seemingly every resident is odder than the last.

"It's kind of in the middle of nowhere, Australia," one local says in the trailer. "There's no cell phone reception. There's really nothing aside from one pub and a pet crocodile."

Last Stop Larrimah premiered earlier this year at the South by Southwest film festival. It will debut Oct. 8 on Max. Watch the trailer above.

Last Stop Larrimah key art
Last Stop Larrimah key art

Peter Cairns/Courtesy HBO

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