Why the new Home and Away stalker looks so familiar

Eliza Velk

There's a new stalker lurking around Summer Bay who goes by the name of Ebony, but if you're like us, you might be thinking the Aussie actress is looking a little too familiar.

As it turns out, you've likely watched her on your screens growing up.

Her name is Cariba Heine and this is where you've seen the new Home & Away stalker before:

Cariba Heine is cast as Home and Away's newest villain Ebony. Source: Seven

H2O: Just Add Water

Cariba played one of the leading mermaids in H2O: Just Add Water, starring as the aloof and rebellious Rikki Chadwick.

The series ran from 2006 until 2010, following the lives of the three teenage girls facing everyday teen problems with an added twist: they're mermaids with powers over water.

And Rikki came with the power to control heat in water, ranging from warm to boiling, which eventually allowed her to control fire and lightning.

You might recognise the actress from her days in H2O: Just Add Water. Source: Ten
Cariba played the aloof and rebellious Rikki Chadwick on H2O: Just Add Water. Source: Ten

Blue Water High

The 29-year-old actress starred as Bridget Sanchez in season 3 of the iconic teen soap that aired in 2008.

The show followed a bunch of teenage surfers who are selected to live in a training facility while still managing to find time for school work.

And Bridget was the competitive and nerdy, blonde beach babe of the group.

She stared as Bridget Sanchez in Blue Water High. Source: ABC

A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne

She also starred in a TV film in 2009 based on alleged events surrounding the mysterious death of Australian model, Caroline Byrne.

Suicide was the first suspicion before fingers were then pointed towards her boyfriend, Gordon Wood.

Cariba took on the role of Caroline Byrne in the series.

Cariba Heine in the role of Caroline Byrne. Source: Channel Ten

Now she is facing one of her biggest roles yet as Summer Bay's newest villain Ebony, although judging from her past roles, the soap star will slot right in to the beach set.

But the question is, what is her character Ebony up to?

Ebony is Home and Away's newest villain and she is on a mission of revenge. Source: Seven

In the final moments before Home and Away went off air for the Commonwealth Games, it was revealed Justin's (James Stewart) daughter Ava had been kidnapped.

And the latest promo suggests Ebony had something to do with it as part of a mission of revenge to, "make every one of them pay".

Her first victim: Justin. Source: Seven

She then appears to be concocting a series of elaborate plans to reel in those on her list.

As for her reason for revenge, we are unsure, however it seems she may be connected to the Easton family and seeking revenge after the way Justin treated Boyd, the biker thug who Willow owed money to when she first turned up in Summer Bay.

Either way something bad is brewing in the bay.

Her revenge may be related to her connection to biker thug Boyd Easton. Source: Seven

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