‘White Lotus’ Star Meghann Fahy Teases Daphne’s Return In Future Episode

So what actually happened to Meghann Fahy’s Daphne Sullivan after a Sicilian summer trip that yielded a dead body in the water?

“She keeps doing what’s she’s doing,” Fahy told Deadline at the Sundance studio about her posh, sexually free, no-rules-abiding wife of Cameron Sullivan (Theo James); a couple who get into the heads of the Spillers, played by Will Sharpe and Aubrey Plaza in season 2 of the HBO multi-Emmy winning show. Fahy is here in Park City, UT with the Melissa Barrera midnight section movie, Your Monster.

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But more to the point, Fahy tells us don’t expect Daphne to get on a plane to Thailand where season 3 is set at another White Lotus property. That cast for the Mike White anthology series includes Walton Goggins, Aimee Lou Wood, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sarah Catherine Hook, Sam Nivola, Leslie Bibb, Jason Isaacs, Michelle Monaghan, Carrie Coon, Parker Posey, Dom Hetrakul, Tayme Thapthimthong, Miloš Biković, Christian Friedel, Morgana O’Reilly, Lek Patravadi, Shalini Peiris and returning Season one standout Natasha Rothwell.

However, like all characters in the White Lotus universe, don’t ever think they’ve gone down a black hole, never to be seen again.

Fahy tells us that White has an idea for a future episode some time down the road involving the Sullivans, and the newlywed couple from season, the Pattons, played by Alexandra Daddario and Jake Lacy.

Fahy shares with Deadline, “[White] did once say that he’d like to do an episode with Theo, me and the couple from the first season, Alex and Jake — the four of us on a boat. Just one episode of that.”

Just broad-stroke deets on Season 3: The multi-generational group includes a patriarch, a female corporate executive, an actress, a couple of mothers, including a country club wife, a misfit and a yogi. Hook is believed to be playing the misfit, Schwarzenegger’s character is believed to be involved in finance.

Check out our interview below with Fahy.

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