Where Is Season 2 of “Severance”? Ben Stiller Spells Out the Timeline — and Why It's Taking So Long

“I think we did like, 186 days of shooting on this season,” Stiller said of the Apple TV+ series

<p>Steve Granitz/FilmMagic; Apple TV+/ Youtube</p> Ben Stiller (left) and Adam Scott in

Steve Granitz/FilmMagic; Apple TV+/ Youtube

Ben Stiller (left) and Adam Scott in 'Severance' (right)

Season 2 of Severance is coming, and Ben Stiller is just as eager for its release as the fans are!

The actor, 58, was a guest on the June 16 episode of Hey Dude… The 90s Called! podcast, hosted by his wife Christine Taylor and her former Hey Dude costar David Lascher. When catching listeners up, Stiller gave an answer to the question everyone has been asking: where is Severance season 2?

“We shut down for the length of the strike and then had to regroup and get back up to speed and do some writing work,” he explained. “That took a few months, and then we went back in and started shooting in January and shot from January to April. So it feels like we've done three seasons, because the first part of the second season was literally a year and a half ago."

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The Zoolander star, who serves as director and executive producer on Severance, added that the wait feels long for him, too. He said they started season 2 of the Apple TV+ series in October 2022, shooting ten episodes before halting.

“I think we did like, 186 days of shooting on this season,” he said.

<p>Apple TV+/ Youtube</p> Adam Scott in 'Severance' season 2

Apple TV+/ Youtube

Adam Scott in 'Severance' season 2

It was ironic how long this season’s taping took given the first season was interrupted by the pandemic, Stiller said, realizing that this has been his “full time job” for “five years.”

“We’re lucky, so lucky honestly though, lucky to do what we love doing,” he admitted, later adding: “Every episode has to be good if you want the finale to pay off, you want the audience to be engaged.”

Stiller explained that another factor contributing to the amount of time it has taken the upcoming season to be made is the writing process. He said the writers on Severance are “not like a very traditional show.”

“We don't have a writer's room per se,” the comedian said. “Everything is per industry guild rules and everything, but it's just it's a different type of setup and we go back a lot and reshoot sometimes when we see something that might, like, [if] we go, ‘Well, that doesn't quite make sense, so maybe if we did the scene differently…’ So luckily we're able to do that.”

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Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Ben Stiller
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Ben Stiller

He also noted that he has “learned” a lot from taking so much time to produce the popular thriller.

"I never really produced a series except with Judd Apatow back in the day, we did my sketch show that Judd was really producing more than I was,” Stiller joked. “Now we'll have done nineteen episodes.”

Severance, Apple TV+'s sci-fi series, is about people who join an experiment to sever their personas between their work life — known as their “innie” — and the real world — their “outie.”

Mark Scout (Adam Scott) opts in as an effort to cope with the death of his wife but grows suspicious after the mysterious disappearance of his best friend and former Lumon employee Petey. After teaming up with new hire Helly (Britt Lower) and other coworkers Dylan (Zach Cherry) and Irving (John Turturro), season 1 shows them begin to uncover the company’s web of conspiracies.

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Season 1 of Severance can be streamed on Apple TV+.

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