Where to Eat and Shop in the Hamptons, According to Ina Garten Herself

No one knows the Hamptons quite like Ina Garten. After a brief stint writing nuclear energy budgets at the White House in the '70s, the analyst decided something more creative was in her future and drove Out East with her husband Jeffery to see about a specialty food store for sale.

The location was East Hampton, the year was 1978 and the life-changing purchase was made. Fast forward to 18 years later when she was selling "mountains" of mustard chicken salad as fast as she could make it.

Thirteen cookbooks and 22 years of top-rated Food Network shows later, Ina's seen a lot of change and notoriety throughout her career but the one consistent that's remained is her love of the Hamptons.

"Everyone thinks of 'The Hamptons' as being very fancy but the places I love most are the local markets and farmstands that have been here forever," wrote The Contessa in a recent Instagram caption that accompanied a series of photos depicting her beloved roadside markets and the recipes they inspired. "I always recommend Iacono Farm in East Hampton, Amber Waves Farm & Market in Amagansett and Lisa & Bill’s Farmstand in Wainscott. These are what make living and cooking here so special."

But this isn't the first time Ina has shared her favorite Hamptons spots. We did some digging and pulled together a few of the other Hamptons stops Ina has highlighted over the years to create a delicious, Barefoot Contessa-approved itinerary. How easy is that?

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Ina Garten's favorite farm stands in the Hamptons

We already know Ina's love for farm stands like Iacono Farm in East Hampton, Amber Waves Farm & Market in Amagansett and Lisa & Bill’s Farmstand in Wainscott, but another Ina-approved spot is Round Swamp Farm, with locations in East Hampton and Bridgehampton, plus a new beachside market in Montauk.

She's not the only famous fan, either. Gwyneth Paltrow has confessed her love of their chicken salad multiple times—which some have called "the most expensive chicken salad in the Hamptons" since a pint goes for a whopping $16!

Ina also frequents Pike Farms in Sagaponack. "Jim Pike grew up in New York’s Westchester County...moved to Bridgehampton and started growing the most wonderful vegetables," she wrote in her cookbook Barefoot Contessa at Home. "Visiting Jennifer at the stand is truly one of my great pleasures. They’re best known for their corn, tomatoes and basil, but their vegetables and melons are truly special, too.”

The Green Thumb in Watermill gets the Ina stamp of approval as well. The family-owned and operated CSA/farmstand is certified organic and always boasts a bounty of wildflowers, potted herbs, garden-grown veggies and homemade hot sauce, in addition to a selection of fresh fish caught by Red Truck Seafood every Thursday.

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Ina Garten's favorite restaurants in the Hamptons

When she's not whipping up meals for Jeffery from her farm stand haul, Ina can be found dining at Duryea's in Montauk, a dockside seafood restaurant and market that she calls a local favorite. The celeb-loved hotspot at "The End" of the island has developed a cult-like following for its lobster cobb salad and laidback vibe. "Everything is absolutely delicious," she told Food Network about one of her go-to places to eat in Long Island. "Their grilled fish has incredibly flavorful seasoning. You go out by the water and feel like you're in Greece," she added, noting that Jeffrey has to go there once a week.

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The Barefoot Contessa is also partial to 1770 House, a cozy tavern and fine dining restaurant in East Hampton where she likes the roast chicken, The Palm, a high-end steakhouse also in East Hampton and Vine Street Cafe in Shelter Island, which she's said is worth the trip over on the ferry, for their mushroom bolognese.

Given that Ina still lives in East Hampton, she can be found eating at many EH standbys like East Hampton Grill, which is known for its rosemary buttermilk 'heavenly' biscuits, house-ground chuck and brisket cheeseburger (don't miss the shoestring fries), prime rib French dip and what some say is the best coleslaw in the Hamptons. Open year-round, there's a patio for al fresco dinners in the summer and a wood-burning hearth for fireside meals in the winter.

When out East, Ina also visits Cove Hollow Tavern and Nick and Toni’s (both in East Hampton), Canal Cafe in Hampton Bays and the old-school Candy Kitchen in Bridgehampton. This cash-only luncheonette opened its doors in 1925 and still has the best pie, ice cream, milkshakes and diner classics in the Hamptons.

For baked goods, she pops into Carissa's Bakery. They have the prettiest cakes, galettes and pastries made from locally sourced ingredients. "It feels like what I used to do," Ina said in an interview with 60 Minutes, recalling the days when she had her first Barefoot Contessa specialty food store. "It feels like coming home."

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Ina Garten's favorite specialty foods stores in the Hamptons

Speaking of specialty food stores, Ina is a massive fan of Loaves & Fishes. The gourmet takeout spot is adjacent to the Bridgehampton Inn (one of her favorite hotels) and was owned by her good friend Anna Pump for years before her passing.

"Loaves & Fishes is one of the best specialty food stores in the country," Ina told Food Network. Whenever she spies their shrimp and swordfish curry she has to pick up a platter to enjoy for Sunday dinner—and we can see why.

Ina can also be seen shopping at Cavaniola’s Gourmet for fine cheeses in Sag and The Seafood Shop in Wainscot. We all know she loves a good cioppino (a tomato-based stew consisting of mussels, cod, scallops, and shrimp) and we suspect this is where she comes when she's in the mood to make it.

The world-famous Tate’s Bake Shop in Southampton also made her list of must-visit specialty stores. Tate's does crispy, paper-thin cookies better than anyone else and the line is usually out the door and wrapped around the quaint green cottage storefront during peak summer months. A girl after our own heart, Ina is partial to their chocolate chip cookies.

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