Wheel of Fortune contestant's rude faux pas

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A gameshow contestant left the whole set in fits of giggles when she gave a very rude answer to the word puzzle on the screen.

Melanie who appeared on the US version of Wheel of Fortune, managed to get down to the last letter in the conundrum.

However, when host, Pat Sajak, asked Melanie for her answer, she gave him a racy answer, leaving everyone shocked.

A Wheel of Fortune contestant gave a very rude answer to the above puzzle. Photo: Wheel of Fortune

The correct answer was ‘Bridal & Cold Shower’, however, Melanie gave the answer as the letter ‘G’ in place of the ‘C’, meaning it read: “Bridal & Gold Shower’.

While Melanie heard the buzzer going off to signal she had given the wrong answer, all contestants looked awkward as they went on with the puzzle.

“I’d like to solve, ‘Bridal & cold shower’,” a contestant called Jenn said.

Contestant Jenn, swooped in to solve the equation Photo: Wheel of Fortune
The correct answer was ‘Bridal & Cold Shower’. Photo: Wheel of Fortune

They then went to an ad break, with all contestants looking awkwardly into the camera, desperately trying to contain their laughter.

“It happens,” host Pat said to the contestants as they went to the ad break.

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