Wheel of Fortune' Contestant's Intense Solve Leaves Viewers Stunned

Wheel of Fortune

One Wheel of Fortune contestant recently solved a puzzle almost instantly, leaving host Pat Sajak and internet users alike, pretty impressed.

During the game show's broadcast on Wednesday night, April 24, Alex Harrell from Stafford, Virginia, put on quite an astonishing display after going on a hot streak during the episode and wrapping it up by correctly guessing the Bonus Round puzzle in mere seconds.

Harrell—a married dad with another baby on the way who serves in the U.S. Marine Corps as an Osprey pilot and is currently stationed in San Diego, California—made his family proud during his game show run, coming out victorious over his competitors Betty Hunter, a “sports mom” from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Kaley Keller, a pig farmer from Sulphur, Louisiana.

During the broadcast, he won a cruise, a trip to Aruba valued at over $9k, and racked up $27,105 in earnings after the Express Round.

And while all that was great for his winnings, he really stunned Sajak in the Bonus Round.

“Wow… He’s having quite a run,” the longtime game show host said at one point.

Harrell had chosen Food and Drink as his Bonus Round category, along with the additional letters H, G, P, and O. The two-word puzzle to be solved read: “T _ P _ O _ _ / P _ _ _ _ N G.”

“Don't go telling me you’re nervous, you’re a Marine pilot for God's sake,” Sajak playfully teased as Harrell prepared to answer.

But, there didn't seem to be a nervous bone in the military man's body, as he quickly shouted, “Tapioca Pudding,” as soon as the timer started.

Upon opening the prize envelope, it was revealed that Harrell had won an extra $40k, which gave him an overall total of $67,150, plus his trips.

"Intense bonus round, he rocked it," one viewer complimented in the comment section of the YouTube video.

Several more just sent him congratulatory notes on such a big win.

Wheel of Fortune airs weeknights at 7 PM on NBC.

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