‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Wows Pat Sajak With One Letter Solve

Pat Sajak on set of 'Wheel of Fortune.'

One Wheel of Fortune contestant made a guess that was so impressive that it most certainly left a mark on host Pat Sajak.

During last night's (March 25) episode of the long-running game show, a player named Tom only had one more puzzle to solve before heading to the bonus round and he did anything but freeze up. In fact, it only took him one letter to correctly guess the answer.

The category was "On the Map," and with just an S on the board, Tom solved it, answering with: "Glacier Bay Alaska."

“Of course,” Sajak joked. “How’d you do that?”

“I looked a lot at maps before this game,” Tom replied.

“Oh, did you?" Sajak said sarcastically, "That’s exactly what I would have said. I would have said it like eight letters down the road.”

Tom and his total $33,048 were then cleared to move on to the bonus round, but not without some more of Sajak's wit, “unless you’d like to solve the puzzle now,” the host quipped.

Unfortunately for Tom, his winning streak ended there as the game's final puzzle really stumped him.

With "_ T _ _ S _ _L_ _E" on the board, Tom used his letters (I, M, G, and B) to try and piece it all together with what Sajak referred to as a line of "chaotic" guessing.

“If anyone can pull this out, maybe it’s him,” Sajak added. To the host's surprise, Tom was unable to do so before the clock ran out, as he only got as far as up to the last word, “It was a…”

"You know, for a really good solver, you sound perpetually confused,” Sajak said.

The correct answer was not "It was a plane," as Tom had originally surmised, but rather "It was a fluke." What a fitting end for a wild game!

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