What’s new on Netflix, Stan, BINGE, Amazon Prime and Disney+

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Everything streaming on Netflix, Stan, BINGE, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ that’s worth your time from October 4-10.


On My Block S4 (4th)

The fourth season of the affable teen comedy is here with sharply-written scripts and an admirable focus on unrepresented communities. Plenty to recommend for those in the age group.

On My Block
Youthful shenanigans or very dodgy interpretive dance? You'll have to watch On My Block to find out. Picture: Netflix

Baking Impossible (6th)

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to watch a show where top bakers and engineers team up to make “edible creations” that can survive intense engineering stress tests to win $100,000! It’s just crazy enough to work.

Baking Impossible
Hopefully that fancy longship cake doesn't TASTE like actual viking on Baking Impossible. Picture: Netflix

There’s Someone Inside Your House (6th)

Brand spanking new slasher flick, based on the 2017 novel of the same name, looks to be a treat for those who want to get their horror on. Fresh-faced young teens, beautiful scenery and a masked murderer. What more could you want?

The Billion Dollar Code (7th)

Based on a true story, this mini-series tells the fascinating tale of two German inventors who fight (in court) for their rights as the inventors of the Google Earth algorithm. For folks who like real life yarns about nerdy geniuses (think The Social Network) this will be a must-watch.

Sexy Beasts S2 (7th)

Wait, what? Didn’t we review this one just a little while ago? How are they cranking out more seasons of this, erm… unique show so quickly? Man, furries must be absolutely minted for this to get the greenlight. And yet you cancelled GLOW, NETFLIX? For shame.

Sexy Beasts
Well, this would certainly be an awkward "how I met your mother" story at Chrissy dinner. Picture: Netflix

Pretty Smart (8th)

Affable-looking sitcom about a book smart young woman who moves in with her bubbly, vivacious sister and her three flatmates. Expect plenty of low stakes, light chuckles and you might have a decent time with this one.


Sort Of (6th)

Timely and socially relevant sitcom about a genderfluid millennial who must find a balance between her LGBTQ+ lifestyle and being the youngest child from a large Pakistani family. Looks to be incisive and funny.

One of Us is Lying (8th)

Mystery series about a group of five teens, all of whom enter detention but only four come out alive. Crikey, and you thought your school was strict! Based on the bestselling novel of the same name.

A Clockwork Orange (8th)

Viddy well, my droogies, that this horrorshow classic from director Stanley Kubrick is as disturbing to the gulliver as it was back in 1971. Plenty of the old ultra-violence in this uncomfortable, brilliant feast for the glazzies.


I Am S2 (5th)

The second season of the female-led anthology series is here, with an impressive roster of superb actresses. The first two eps alone feature Vigil’s Suranne Jones and Black Panther’s Letitia Wright.

15 Minutes of Shame (8th)

Cancel culture and online shaming have become hot button topics of late, and this clever documentary explores the reasons behind them. Hosted by a woman who knows a thing or two about being publicly shamed, Monica Lewinsky.

The Premise S1 finale (8th)

The fifth episode of five concludes BJ Novak’s anthology experiment with its best episode. It’s called “Butt Plug” and it’s really good. Stop laughing, we’re serious!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne S5 (10th)

Look, if you’re watching the fifth season of the reality TV show called The Real Housewives of Melbourne, you know exactly what you’re in for and nothing we say will change your mind. Go hard, you beautiful weirdos, and follow your bliss.

Amazon Prime Video

The Walking Dead: World Beyond S2 (4th)

The second season of the Young Adult(ish) spin-off from the main series is here to thrill and baffle in equal measure. Still, apparently we find out something about Rick (Andrew Lincoln) so fans might need to take a stickybeak after all.


Promising Young Woman (7th)

If you missed it at the cinema, now is the time to finally catch up with this superb Academy Award-winning film that is funny, heart-breaking and sadly all too relevant. Superb performances, a razor-sharp script and an ending that will leave your jaw on the floor. Highly recommended.

Promising Young Woman
Worth every bit of the hype, Promising Young Woman is an absolute spitfire of a film and well worth your time. Picture: Amazon Prime Video

Kids in the Hall S1-5 (8th)

Catch up on all five seasons of the classic cult Canadian comedy Kids in the Hall. You might be slightly baffled or vaguely confused but you’re never going to be bored.


Among the Stars (6th)

Among the Stars is a celebration of the brave men and women of NASA who dare to experience the mysteries of space. Should be a grand six part docu-series for the hardcore space nerds out there.

9-1-1: Lone Star S1 (6th)

A firefighter from New York moves to Austin, Texas, and must learn to balance helping others with sorting out his own problems. Fans of procedural drama should eat up this offering.

Muppets Haunted Mansion (8th)

It’s a brand new Muppets special set in a haunted mansion. It also features star power in the form of Danny Trejo (!), John Stamos and one of Ed Asner’s final performances. You’d have to be a real Beaker to miss this one.

Muppets Haunted Mansion
This modern reboot of The Shining is looking lit! Picture: DISNEY+

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