What’s new on Netflix, Stan, BINGE, Amazon Prime and Disney+ this week

Everything streaming on Netflix, Stan, BINGE, Amazon Prime Video and DISNEY+ that’s worth your time from November 8-14.


Swap Shop (9th)

Engaging looking series about the eccentric Americans who live their lives buying old crap for cheap, make something useful out of it and then sell it for a profit. Kind of has a Storage-Wars-but-friendlier vibe.

Gentefied on Netflix
More amiable, warm-hearted dramedy from a different perspective awaits you in Gentefied. Picture: Netflix

Gentefield S2 (10th)

The second season of the appealing dramedy about three Mexican-American cousins who are chasing the American Dream continues with another lowkey, charming block of episodes.


Passing (10th)

Impressive looking drama about race relations in 1920s America, focusing on childhood friends played by Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga. Directed by actress Rebecca Hall and absolutely oozing with quality, this is one not to miss.

Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson Passing on Netflix
Both Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson are bringing quality drama, beautiful black and white photography and strong hat game to Passing. Picture: Netflix

Animal (10th)

Absolutely gorgeous looking docuseries about eight different families of animals and the various adorable, tragic or just plain weird stuff they get up to. Perfect show to make you wonder “will my building’s Strata let me keep a pet wolf?”

"Yeah g'day, me name's Dave-o. I like, um... jumping and staring at stuff with a slightly glazed look in me eyes." Picture: Netflix

Red Notice (12th)

It’s Netty’s biggest film to date! Starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, this looks like a fun spy caper with extremely hot stars. Extremely. Hot. Come on, you know you’re going to watch this too, despite the reviews.

red notice on Netflix
So much hotness in one place is surely borderline dangerous. Like some kind of sexy singularity! Picture: Netflix


Yellowstone S4 (8th)

The fourth season of the trashy, big budget and utterly addictive series is here. If you haven’t seen Yellowstone yet you’re missing a treat, with a superb cast and compelling drama. Plus Kevin Costner playing against type is always fun.

The Shawshank Redemption (10th)

It’s one of the greatest movies of all time, based on a cracker Stephen King yarn and starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins in their best roles. Pick a free arvo, bring plenty of tissues, and watch this wonderful, life-affirming classic.

Kong: Skull Island (13th)

Weird as hell, packed with awesome looking monsters and tense action and it includes a cast boasting Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman. Oh yeah, and a giant freakin’ monkey! Hook in, legends, this one is a hoot.

Doctor Doctor S4 (14th)

The bright and bubbly Aussie series returns for its fourth season, which for fans will no doubt be the best medicine. Leave the apples alone, because you won’t want to keep this doctor away!


Great Chocolate Showdown S1 (11th)

Ten home bakers go head to head in the death sport of Thunderdome! Except, instead of chainsaws and knives, the weapons will be cooking utensils. And instead of battle, the contest will be cooking challenges. But otherwise? Very similar indeed!

How To With John Wilson (12th)

Documentary filmmaker John Wilson lobs around New York sharing stories and advice with people and learning how to do stuff. Except it’s funnier than that sounds. Seriously, it’s good.

Hollington Drive (12th)

Dark and tense psychological thriller about adult siblings whose lives are changed forever by a chain of events that occur on a sunny family afternoon. This may well be your next telly thriller obsession.

Ragdoll S1 (13th)

It’s a brand new serial killer thriller about a nutjob who has made a ragdoll out of, um… human body parts. Fans of stuff like Hannibal will no doubt get into the grisly charms of this slick production.

Ragdoll on BINGE
The problem with a case like Ragdoll? Putting the pieces together can get really bloody... Picture: BINGE

Amazon Prime Video

Pharma Bro (12th)

Does the world need a documentary about one of the worst people ever made, Martin Shkreli? Look, probably not. But if you’d like to feel your blood boil as you watch this smirking, price gouging, hate-goblin fail upwards over and over, you’re in for a treat

Most Dangerous Game (12th)

It’s the much anticipated action thriller that made its debut on Quibi before that particular platform popped its clogs. Starring Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz, this looks like a pretty decent time!

Always Jane (12th)

Coming of age docu-series about a transgender teenager growing up in rural New Jersey and finding her authentic self. Looks to be quality LGBTQ+ gear right here.



Dopesick (12th)

This is quality drama with a capital Q, about the opioid epidemic in America and the people that let it happen. This is a good watch, but not always an easy one. Starring Michael Keaton, Will Poulter and Kaitlyn Dever, you’re not going to want to miss this devastating, gripping true story.

Michael Keaton in Dopesick on DISNEY+
That look on Michael Keaton's face? You'll be wearing the same one after watching the excellent, but devastating, opioid drama Dopesick. Picture: DISNEY+

The World According to Jeff Goldblum S2 (12th)

Ol’ mate Jeff Goldblum is back for another season of looking at stuff, having stuff explained and then talking about said stuff. Honestly, Goldblum is so charming this fluffy show just flies by.

Home Sweet Home Alone (12th)

Apparently this flick is the sixth (!) film in the Home Alone franchise. This time around a kid has to protect a valuable heirloom from thieves after being left alone in his home. Mate, thieves aside, someone should really get child services onto the parents!

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