What’s new on Netflix, Stan, BINGE, Amazon Prime and Disney+

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Here's everything streaming on Netflix, Stan, BINGE, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ that’s worth your time from August 16-22.


UNTOLD: Deal with the Devil (17th)

Boxer Christy Martin opens up about her battles in and out of the ring. Sorry, horror fans, this is a sports documentary and not about a literal deal with the devil. Sports fans, however, will be stoked!

Christy Martin's story
Christy Martin's story features no actual deals with the devil, but loads of punching. Picture: Netflix

Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes (18th)

Chilling documentary where serial killer Dennis Nilsen narrates his life and his various horrific crimes. Probably the creepiest mix tape you’ve ever heard but will go down a treat for true crime fans and weirdos alike.

The Chair (20th)

The resplendent Sandra Oh stars in this biting comedy/drama about the chair of an English department at a prestigious university. A dream job you might think, but it looks like she may have been set up to fail.

Sandra Oh in The Chair.
Sandra Oh takes her rightful place at the head of the table, ruling over all she surveys in The Chair. Picture: Netflix

Sweet Girl (20th)

Jason Momoa stars in this action flick about a husband getting revenge on the mongrels who killed his wife, while also protecting his daughter. Stylish-looking thriller that your girlfriend/wife will definitely just be watching for the story. Yep. Just the story. Nothing else at all...


Wonderful World of Puppies and Kittens S1-2 (18th)

Times are dark, confusing and more than a little bit scary. So, why not kick your feet up, grab a bucket of wine and enjoy bulk footage of puppies and kittens. Come on, you know you want to.

The Marksman (19th)

Liam Neeson stars in yet another action movie where he plays as a bloke with a “very specific set of skills”. In this case, it’s the skill of shooting a boom stick really well. This is Liam Neesony business as usual for those who like that kind of gear.

Motherfatherson S1 (20th)

Richard Gere stars in this thriller about the owner of a media empire, which dominates the culture, forced to deal with his dysfunctional family when his son suffers a massive breakdown.

Wind River (22nd)

Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen star in this absolutely rocksolid thriller about a murder on an Indian reservation. Superb performances, tense writing and a great central mystery. This is one not to miss.

Work in Progress S2 (22nd)

Drama/comedy about a 45-year-old woman, Abby, who reevaluates her life and tries to find happiness with a fresh perspective. Gentle, intelligent and thought-provoking stuff with some genuine belly laughs.


Extreme Sisters S1 (17th)

Some sisters are very close, and share much of their lives with one another. These ladies, however? Take it to a whoooole other level. Eye-opening and, let’s be real, trashy entertainment for those who want to watch the televisual equivalent of eating Maccas in a carpark.

Amazon Prime Video

Happiest Season (17th)

Delightful Chrissy movie/romance from director/actor Clea DuVall starring Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis and Dan Levy. Is it weird to have a Christmas movie in bloody August? Yes, but this still looks absolutely delightful and we will be watching.

Words on Bathroom Walls (17th)

Extremely well reviewed romance/drama about a teen with mental illness who falls in love, and the triumphs and heartaches this causes. Gripping and well observed stuff.

Ad Astra (17th)

Profoundly underrated sci-fi flick starring Brad Pitt as an emotionally distant astronaut and a journey to save humanity from a disaster that may have something to do with his father, played by Tommy Lee Jones. Intelligent, thought-provoking drama and spectacular special effects.


Nine Perfect Strangers (20th)

The latest adaptation of a novel by Aussie author Liane Moriarty (Big Little Lies), this high quality production stars Nicole Kidman as a wellness guru gone mad, with star patients like Melissa McCarthy, Samara Weaving, Luke Evans and Asher Keddie. Utterly addictive telly.

Nicole Kidman is one of the weirdest wellness gurus you're ever likely to meet in Nine Perfect Strangers. Picture: Amazon Prime Video
Nicole Kidman is one of the weirdest wellness gurus you're ever likely to meet in Nine Perfect Strangers. Picture: Amazon Prime Video


Growing Up Animal S1 (18th)

Yes, it’s more baby animal content! This series traces the important years from birth to first steps, sure to make audiences go “awwww” and wonder if they should get a new pet.

Red Sparrow (20th)

Profoundly underrated, and really quite good, spy thriller starring Jennifer Lawrence as a Russian agent. Murky, morally complex and occasionally quite uncomfortable, this is nonetheless a high quality flick that critics never gave a fair go.

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