Whatever Happened To Oreo Sippers?

Oreo Sippers
Oreo Sippers - Nabisco, Oreo

Oreos have been one of America's favorite cookies since 1912, and are now the world's top-selling cookie adored by millions in 100 different countries. They're delicious, consistent, and if you wanted to know, technically vegan. Not to mention the brand is always introducing creative new flavors and twists to the classic cookie, one being the famed Oreo Sippers. The name says it all. Who wouldn't want to gulp milk down with a straw made from Oreos?

These interactive cookies were released around 2009, with some packaging labeled Oreo Fun Stix before morphing into the recognizable Oreo Sippers, which appear to have been the same exact product. They were thinly rolled in the style of a Pirouline; a flakey cookie filled with its signature cream filling. If you like when the cookie falls victim to the milk, Oreo Sippers would have been a dream come true. They seemed to introduce a new way to savor an Oreo cookie, but anyone who indulged knows it usually resulted in a pseudo-Oreo milkshake.

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Oreo Sippers Were Part Cookie, Part Fun

Boy sipping Oreo straw
Boy sipping Oreo straw - Youtube/Nabisco

Food trends come and go, but snacks that eliminated clean-up stuck around from the late '90s into the 2000s. Big brands like Kellogg's and Yoplait were launching products from cereal straws to yogurt in a tube and consumers were eating it up. Nabisco was quick to jump on this trend with Oreo Sippers, which are essentially straws made of the cookie itself. While Oreo O's were a hit in the cereal aisle, Oreos are first and foremost cookies, but Nabisco still wanted to join in on the fun.

It doesn't seem Nabisco made any public statement regarding the end of Oreo Sippers, but they seemed to disappear around 2012 and fans were quick to notice. Many were willing to put up a fight, with constant inquiries and even petitions to bring the sipping cookie back. After years of radio silence, Nabisco made a vague comment on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, that provided zero updates on the treat but left fans hopeful by proclaiming, "Never say never" in response to sippers making their way back on shelves.

For devoted supporters, there is some good news, but it may take some effort. Japan released Oreo Wafer Rolls which are probably as close as we'll get to Oreo Sippers until Nabisco steps back in. They appear to look and taste the same, although unfortunately, they don't have the same straw functionality. While not designed for sipping milk, Oreo Wafer Rolls still hit the spot.

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