Whatever Happened To Doritos' Rollitos?

bowl of Doritos Rollitos chips
bowl of Doritos Rollitos chips - @provamos_para_voce_/Instagram

It's a sad day when any snack suddenly vanishes from grocery store shelves. The disappearance of Doritos' Rollitos was no different. Introduced to the world of munchies in 2004, these tube-shaped chips were quite literally a standard, triangular Dorito rolled up in the style of a taquito, making them easy to pop into your mouth a handful at a time. They were available in four flavors: Nacho Cheesier, Zesty Taco, Cooler Ranch, and Queso Picante.

"We've taken the bold taste and big crunch of Doritos and rolled it into a bite-sized shape that's way easier to eat," proclaimed one commercial for the snack that featured Mia Hamm as the star. Sadly, Rollitos didn't see quite as much success as the soccer phenom. The tubular chips were sent to the snack graveyard by 2005.

There does not appear to be a confirmed reason for their discontinuation. While reviews weren't necessarily glowing, they weren't terrible, either. The Spokesman-Review awarded the Zesty Taco and Nacho Cheesier flavors three and four stars, respectively. Another reviewer, meanwhile, gave the Cooler Ranch Rollitos a rating of 6 out of 10, noting that they were a bit lacking in flavor. However, Doritos did see a multi-year decline in sales in the early 2000s that resulted in a major rebranding in 2006. Rollitos could have been part of the rebrand to save the company money and make room for even newer products.

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Doritos' Rollitos Were Resurrected In 2013...sort Of

bag of Doritos Rollitos
bag of Doritos Rollitos - OwensStation/ YouTube

Fans of Doritos Rollitos felt the loss of the rolled-up chips after their discontinuation. Some fans of the snacks even took to social media to voice their feelings. In 2009, one Twitter user shared their wish for Doritos Rollitos to still exist while another claimed in 2014 that they would be starting a petition to bring them back. Interestingly enough, however, the snack had actually been resurrected at that point. Well, sort of.

In 2012, Doritos re-introduced Rollitos to the snack scene although they were under the guise of a different name. Re-branded as Dinamitas, which means dynamite in Spanish, the chip came in the exact same taquito-inspired shape. However, this time around, they featured spicier flavor profiles that are common in Latin cuisine, making them more akin to Takis. Over the years, flavors have included Nacho Picoso, Mojo Criollo, Fiery Habenero, and Flamin' Hot Queso. In 2023, it seems that Chile Limon, which was originally introduced when Dinamitas debuted in 2012, is the only version available today. Additionally, Jumpin' Jack, chipotle, and taco-flavored Dinamitas have also been featured in packages of Doritos Mix alongside three other corn-based snacks of different shapes. However, it does not appear that any of these versions have been offered in stand-alone bags.

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