We're so obsessed with Winnie Harlow's feather mullet haircut

winnie harlow feather mullet
We're obsessed with Winnie Harlow's feather mulletTaylor Hill - Getty Images

The 2023 Fashion Awards took place on Monday night in rainy London, with models, a-listers and the fashion elite flocking to the Royal Albert Hall. And yes naturally, it was... a fashionable affair. But while there are endless outfits to rave about and marvel over, our imagination was in fact captured by a beauty look. Namely, Winnie Harlow's 'feather mullet' as we're dubbing it.

the fashion awards 2023 presented by pandora arrivals
Dominic Lipinski - Getty Images

The model dropped our jaws with the style. Created by UK hair stylist Sheena Adae-Amoakoh aka HouseofShee, it looked like a feathery pixie cut from the front, that wouldn't have been out of place at the Kardashian's 'Dress like Kris Jenner' party, though it certainly was a high fashion take on the old pixie. The feathery whispy layers followed little rhyme or reason, and scattered down across her eyes for a dramatic gothic effect

the fashion awards 2023 presented by pandora arrivals
Lionel Hahn - Getty Images

But then she turned to the side and boom. Mullet! Mullet! Mullet! Mullet watch is so much more fun than bob watch, purely for the sheer theatrics of it and for how easily it can take you by surprise. What's better than a surprise celeb hair transformation? A literal surprise haircut that changes when you get a full look.

the fashion awards 2023 presented by pandora arrivals
Samir Hussein - Getty Images

Winnie's black tresses fell down her back in choppy spikey waves, mirroring the hack-layers of the pixie front. It looks like one of Edward Scissorhands' avant garde haircuts and we're obsessed with it. While so many played it safe with their hair looks at the awards, letting the fashion do the talking, we're so glad Winnie had other ideas.

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