We were not expecting Selena Gomez's new blonde hair transformation

selena gomez blonde hair
PSA: Selena Gomez now has long blonde hairGetty Images

Oooooh, we love a hair transformation! Especially one that really takes us by surprise, or sees one of our celeb faves do something we just weren't expecting from them. And Selena Gomez's new blonde hair definitely fits into that category. The star just stepped out in Paris with long blonde highlights in her dark tresses, giving her a totally new look.

It's not a full head of blonde hair, but it's enough to take her firmly out of the brunette category. The multi-tonal highlights begin as money-piece highlights in her long sweeping bangs, before blossoming out into swathes of gold and caramel and the stark contrast with her dark base gives it a serious edge.

While we don't know the colourist behind the look, the hair's tousled waves were styled by Philipp Verheyen, who may well also be behind the colour as he wrote in the caption: "The one and only @selenagomez! What an aura, what a woman, thank you for your trust and for having me in Paris." "Trust" sounds like hair dye to me!

The makeup was a full face of Rare Beauty applied by Avia Solomon, who played with light and dark for the eye look in a way that really mirrored the effect in her new hair. "Emerald green eyes for a winter’s night in Paris with my darling @selenagomez. It’s wonderful to be reunited again❤️:" said Avia, before listing the products used.

  • Liquid Touch

  • Soft Pinch Liquid Blush ‘Bliss’

  • Kind Words Lip Liner ‘Fun’

  • Kind Words Matte Lipstick ‘Talented’

  • Perfect Strokes Mascara ( highly recommended!)

  • Brow Harmony Lifting Gel

You can read our review of every Rare beauty product right here, and find out which purchases we co-sign.

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