Wendy's Adds a 50-Piece Chicken Nugget 'Party Pack' to the Menu — and Shades McDonald's in the Process

To celebrate the launch, Wendy's teamed up with the developer of McBroken — a website that shows which McDonald’s locations have broken ice cream machines

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Wendy's Introduces Nuggs Party Pack

Wendy’s has the perfect addition to your next party: 50 chicken nuggets.

Starting on May 8, the fast food chain is offering customers the Nuggs Party Pack, a 50-count package of chicken nuggets, for $15.

The supersized nugget pack is available in spicy or regular every day at Wendy’s locations nationwide. The pack is widely available but to ensure that your local spot has the Nuggs Party Pack, the chain launched a website to direct fans to the nearest participating Wendy’s.

The chicken nugget locator — called wendysnuggparty.com — was developed by Rashiq Zahid, who previously developed another interactive map that a Wendy's press release was sure to point out. Zahid’s other website, mcbroken.com, shows users if the McDonald’s ice cream machine is broken at their nearby location.

McBroken presents which locations have functioning dessert machines and the percentage of locations with broken ice cream makers, poking fun at the memes that McDonald’s ice cream machines are often out of order. At the top of the page, an ad for Wendy’s orange dreamsicle Frosty reads: “Orange you glad there’s always a Frosty?”

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The nugget website does not have any official mentions of the Big Mac makers.

In honor of the launch of the Nuggs Party Pack, customers can score $3 off any purchase of $15 or more using the offer found in the Wendy’s app.

Families that want to party with more than nuggets this weekend can score some Mother’s Day deals and special menu items.

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Chrissy Teigen's Mother's Day KFC Menu

KFC is partnering up with famous mom Chrissy Teigen for the chain’s “real-talk” Mother’s Day menu, available May 6 through May 12.

There's the Taste of Time-off Meal, which includes four pieces of fried chicken, two sides of mashed potatoes and gravy, and two biscuits; the Mom Appreciation Meal with eight extra crispy fried chicken tenders, any two large sides, four biscuits and four dipping sauces; and the Dad’s In Charge of Dinner Meal, which includes a 12-piece fried chicken bucket meal, three large sides and six biscuits.

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For the moms who want a relaxing day, KFC is offering the Eight Piece and Quiet Meal, which consists of either original recipe chicken or extra crispy, two large sides and four biscuits.

The Mother’s Day offers don’t stop there. Panda Express is also a five-person family meal for $30 with the code, THANKSMOM, through May 12. Plus, Auntie Anne’s is giving customers buy-one-get-one-free pretzels or drinks on Mother’s Day.

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