Wendy’s Is Giving Away Free Nuggets Every Week

Happy Wendy's Wednesday.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

Leave it to Wendy’s to make boring old hump day a big deal. Because when you’re feeling that mid-week slump, there’s nothing like your favorite fast food to help you slog through. There might be something just a teensy bit better than your go-to order: it being free.

That pig-tailed redhead has become the queen of deals—especially for those customers who have the free Wendy’s app. Every time you log into your app, it seems like there’s a new freebie or buy one, get one deal (BOGO) going on.

The latest? A free chicken nuggets deal every Wednesday. Seriously, Wendy’s customers can score a free six-count of chicken nuggets every Wednesday with any purchase.

How to Get Free Nuggets at Wendy's Every Wednesday

To partake in the promo, you'll need to create a free account on Wendy's app (which, if you don't already have one, you're missing out on free stuff all the time). Then, on Wednesdays, head to the "Offers" section of the app and find the "Wendy's Wednesday" deal for chicken nuggets.

Choose whether you want to use the offer in the mobile app to order ahead or at the restaurant if you're ordering with an employee. Either way, be sure to order a six-count of nuggets plus anything else on the Wendy's menu. There's no purchase minimum, so you can order something as small as a Jr. Frosty or as large as Wendy's new 50-count nuggets.

Wendy's is running this nugget promotion to celebrate the launch of the 50-count Nuggs Party Pack. The new offering includes 50 spicy or regular nuggets for a fraction of what you'd pay for five 10-piece nuggets or nine six-piece nuggets. It gives off vibes similar to McDonald's "dinner box" or KFC's Family Meal, which feeds a crowd for under $20.



However, the Nuggs Party Pack isn’t available at all Wendy’s locations yet—you can find availability on wendysnuggparty.com, which will update as more locations become available. So, for now, Wendy’s is offering free nuggets as a consolation until the 50-count hits restaurants nationwide.

The free six-count is valid for both traditional or spicy nuggets and can be redeemed every week through May 29. It can’t be combined with any other offer, though, so don’t try to use this as a chance to try the new Sprite Remix Aruba Jam for free. You’ll have to head to Wendy’s another time for that deal.

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